Wednesday, May 07, 2008


A few days ago, I wrote a response to Dan "Shank" Shuaghnessy's Sunday column

I also sent an e-mail to Shaughnessy with a link to the post and said this:

I just read your column from Sunday's Globe. I wrote a
response to it on my blog. I think you should check it
out if you have the time.

This was his reply:

sorry -- no time for fanboy rants.

To which I answered:

Actually, it wasn't a rant, it's a pretty well
structured and well formulated argument. But if you
don't have time and/or are afraid that some amateur
might blow your arguments utterly out of the
proverbial water, that's cool.

I just wanted to show everyone how afraid Shaughnessy is to even read what us lowly fans think of his column. He couldn't even give it a glance? He somehow found time to respond to my e-mail in about 30 minutes. And his comparison of Kevin Garnett to A-Rod clearly proves that he isn't doing much research for his columns.

Also, Shank's response illustrates how he and his elitist columnist buddies in print media view all us bloggers. We're just "fanboys." There's no way we could ever come up with an opinion on the same level as the great Dan Shaughnessy.

Who else wants to start a collection/bake sale to raise enough money to get Carl Everett back here and pay him to kick Shaughnessy in the nads?

Photo Credit:
Boston Globe/Jim Davis

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