Tuesday, May 31, 2005


For some reason, Arroyo has struggled since his suspension. For some reason, we can't beat Baltimore. For some reason, we can't hit Rodrigo Lopez.

The Man of the Game is obviously Rodrigo Lopez. He pitched 8 innings allowing 6 hits, an unearned run, and 2 walks. He owns us for some reason.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Arroyo: 0.7 - 2.2 IP, 7 ER
Renteria: 0.1 - 0 for 4
Ortiz: 0.1 - 0 for 3
Varitek: 0.1 - 0 for 3

Cabrera vs. Miller tommorow night. The Sox need to win this one and the next one.

Sunday, May 29, 2005


David Wells needed to step up big and he did. He started off slowly but recovered and pitched well enough to go the full 9 but apparently Francona didn't think so. Francona also thought that Millar agaist Mussina would be a better matchup than Olerud against Mussina. Thankfully, neither move cost the Sox the game as they crusied to a 7-2 victory.

Is there anyone hotter than Edgar Renteria right now? Another great night for him in the 2 spot. 4 for 5 with 3 runs scored, doing what a #2 hitter should do. Ortiz and Manny also had awsome days which was necesarry because the bottom of the lineup was held hitless.

The Man of the Game has got to be David Wells who went 8.1 innings, allowing only 2 runs off 6 hits and no walks.

The Red Sox go back to Fenway for a key series with the Baltimore Orioles who lead us by 3 games in the division. Arroyo looks to rebound against nemesis Rodrigo Lopez on Monday. Wade Miller takes on Daniel Cabrera Tuesday night (I have Monster tickets!), and Wakefield goes against Ponson on Wednesday.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


The only Red Sox hitter not to reach base, including substitutes, was Kevin Youkilis who went 0 for 2. In total, the Red Sox went 27 for 52. That's .519. Everyone had a pretty good day. Damon went 4 for 7 with 3 runs and an RBI. Renteria had a very nice 3 for 3 with a Grand Slam and 5 RBI. Vazquez replaced Renteria and went 1 for 3. Ortiz went 2 for 4 and walked twice. Ramirez had a great day going 4 for 4. Payton went 1 for 2 with 3 RBI in the place of Ramirez. Nixon went 3 for 6 with a homer. Tek was 2 for 5. Shoppach got hit by a pitch in his only plate appearance. Olerud went 3 for 6 and it wouldv'e been 5 for 6 if he didn't line towards the pitcher twice. Mueller was 2 for 4. Youk was held hitless. Bellhorn was 2 for 6. The Sox scored in every inning but the 3rd, 6th, and 9th.

Not to be lost in all the hitting was Matt Clement's 6 shutout innings. He pitched around some jams to earn his 6th win. He along with Arroyo have been the team's MVPs so far. Clement is the only Sox starter who hasn't struggled.

The Red Sox fans completely took over Yankee Stadium. It was one of the worst home losses the Yankees have ever endured.

The Man of the Game is difficult to pick. So many hitters had a great day and Clement pitched well. It's gotta be Edgar Renteria though. He essentially ended the game with his Grand Slam giving the Sox a 9 run lead. He hit to both fields with authority.


Watching the game at my friend's apartment in Cambridge as Sheffield stood at the plate. I bet $1 that he'd hit a homerun. The next pitch wound up in the upper deck.

Allan Embree is a lefthanded fastball pitcher. Gary Sheffield is a right handed fastball hitter. That just doesn't work out. No fastball in the middle of the plate thrown by Allan Embree or anyone else can get by the bat of Gary Sheffield unless Sheffield messes up.

The Man of the Game for Thursday's pathetic 8-1 loss to Toronto is gustavo Chacin who went 6 innings allowing only 1 unearned run.

The Bitch-goat shall be divided thusly:
Miller: 0.7 - 2 IP, 7 ER
Damon: 0.1 - 0 for 3
Ramirez: 0.1 - 0 for 4
Ortiz: 0.1 - 0 for 4

The Man of the Game for Sunday's 6-3 loss to the Yankees is Derek Jeter who went 2 for 5 with a triple, 2 runs scored and a stolen base.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Wakefield: 0.3 - 5 IP, 4 ER
Embree: 0.3 - IP, 2 ER
Mueller: 0.1 - 0 for 4
Ramirez: 0.1 - 0 for 4
Svuem: 0.2 - terrible job coaching 3rd base. killed a rally

The Red Sox will be lucky to avoid a sweep in this series.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


First of all, I'm sick of this weather. I drive all the way up to Kenebunk, Maine on my way to Portland to see the Sea Dogs. When I left my house, weather.com said the conditions in Portland were "foggy" so I figured I could catch a game and see some friends. As I drove through New Hampshire it became clear that Portland would be rainy and even if the rain stopped, they wouldn't have a dry enough field to play. So I had to turn around.

Everyone on WEEI and on their blogs and in their day-to-day conversations about the Red Sox have been complaining about the offense. Renteria isn't getting on base enough, Manny's average is low, Bellhorn is striking out too much, et cetera. The problem with this team isn't the offense. In fact, the Sox have scored more runs at the quarter of the season than they did last year at that point. 24 more runs in fact. That's 0.6 runs a game or 3 more runs every 5 games. This may sound small but it should be enough to wina few more close games. Unless, of course, your pitching is not doing its job.

This year, the Red Sox have allowed 31 more runs than they did through 40 games last season. Here are some scary numbers:

Starter's ERA 2004: 3.67
Starter's ERA 2005: 4.51

Bullpen ERA 2004: 2.80
Bullpen ERA 2005: 5.20

Last year, the starter's ERA was below average by about 0.90 which is pretty good. This is why we were winning alot in April. The bullpen ERA was outstanding at 2.80 whereas now it is crappy at 5.20. The pen is blowing games and the starters are having trouble keeping us in games.

Tuesday's game was just terrible. The Sox got out to their early lead only to watch their mediocre starter blow it. Then the Sox came back only to watch their crappy bullpen blow it. There some questionable pitching decisions by Francona but none were outright bad and it is alot easier to criticise Tuesday's game on Thursday morning.

The Man of the Game is Reed Johnson who went 2 for 5 with a pair of homers, 5 RBI, and the game winning shot.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Wells: 0.5 - 6.1 IP, 5 ER
Timlin: 0.1 - 2.1 IP, ER
Embree: 0.3 - 0.1 IP, 3 ER
Millar: 0.1 - 0 for 4, K, 2 LOB

Not surprisingly, the Red Sox were shut down by a mediocre lefthander Wednesday night. The Sox went a combined 4 for 31 (.129) The 1-6 hitters went a combined 1 for 22 (.045). Hitters 3 thru 6 were 0 for 14. The Red Sox did not get an extra base hit. Their sole run was knocked in by Damon with a bases loaded groundout. Renteria followed with his usual groundout in a big spot.

The Man of the Game is Russ Adams, a light hitting shortstop who went 2 for 3 with a double and a triple. He scored twice.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Arroyo: 0.5 - 6 IP, 5 R, 2 ER, Error
Millar: 0.2 - 0 for 4, Error
Ramirez: 0.1 - 0 for 4
Damon: 0.1 - 0 for 4
Renteria: 0.1 - 1 for 4, choked in biggest AB of game

This team has not been able to win in the division. This team has not been able to win on the road. These trends need to be stopped. Half of the games are played within the division. Half of the games are played on the road. Three fourths of the games are played against the division and/or on the road. Only one fourth of the games are against non-divisional opponents at Fenway Park. These are the only games which the Red Sox have consistently won.

Theo has his work cut out for him. The bullpen obviously needs another set-up man because Embree isn't cutting it and Francona seems unwilling to use Mantei in that role. The Sox could also use another frontline pitcher especially since Schilling's condition when he returns will be an unkown. The Red Sox also need to look at a replacement for Millar. I think Olerud will work out nicely and mixing in Youkilis will also work. I don't think Millar should be benched but perhaps he should only be used against lefthanders for the time being. Renteria is here to stay for awhile but I think he needs to be moved down to the bottom of the lineup. He is killing us. I hope he'll come around, but at the moment, he is seriously hurting the team. If he were back in the bottom of the order maybe the Bill Mueller effect will take hold and he will be relaxed enough to hit well.

Boston Dirt Dogs is the best looking, best maintained, most popular, and most succesful blog in Red Sox Nation. However, it thinks that it is a news outlet like the Associated Press or the Boston Globe or CBS 4. It is not. The Dirt Dogs ran a story today about Keith Foulke. Here's the story. Mind you, this story has been reworded, re-edited, and revamped about half a dozen times on Wednesday as real information became apparent. Here's what happened:

Boston Dirt Dogs published a story claiming Keith Foulke cancelled an autograph appearance at a Cooperstown store because he had to fly to Alabama to see an arm surgeon. WEEI's Dale and Holley contacted Foulke and the Red Sox. Foulke denied seeing any doctor in Alabama. The Dirt Dogs updated their site claiming the store owner was sticking to his guns. Later in the evening, it is discovered that Foulke went down to Alabama to be in the presence of an expert analyst who was looking at Foulke's pitching mechanics. This makes sense to me given Foulke's struggles this year and his inconsistency which suggests a mechanical problem not a health problem which would probably result in consistently bad performances.

I knew this whole story was a bunch of BS from the moment I heard about it. One of my friends in Cooperstown told me the night before the game that Foulke was supposed to appear at the store at which one of his friends worked at but he cancelled at least several days prior. I didn't think anything of this at the time but when I heard the story, I jumped on it and e-mailed Dale and Holley who read my e-mail on the air telling the truth.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Boston Dirt Dogs is not a news source and shouldn't act like it is.

Monday, May 23, 2005


When the Red Sox are at home, they can beat anybody consistently including the team that has won a division title for the past 13 years. I don't know what it is about Fenway and Boston, but it justs gives the team an edge.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, I missed most of the Saturday and Sunday games. I saw highlights on ESPN and was able to see snips of the game on TBS while playing poker at the Turning Stone Casino just outside Syracuse (made $321 by the way). More on upstate New York later.

In the last post, I mentioned that the Red Sox were facing a pitcher making his MLB debut. This meant the World Champion Red Sox would be facing an inexperienced kid in a loud, hitter -friendly ballpark on TV viewed by millions on NESN and TBS. So the Sox, with a great offense, should have killed this guy. But the Sox have a weird tendency to make random pitchers look like Aces. This happened on Saturday as Davies went 5 scoreless innings.

The Man of the Game is Marcus Giles who went 3 for 5 with a pair of doubles. He scored twice.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Bellhorn: 0.2 - 0 for 4, Error
Wakefield: 0.8 - 5 IP, 6 ER

The Sox rebounded nicely on Sunday and got nice performances out of Ortiz, Manny, Varitek, Mueller, and most of all Clement. Matt the Missile has been on an absolute tear lately. His numbers from Sunday are pretty impressive. Only 5 Braves reached base on him. He kept his pitch count down and finished with 110. He didn't walk anybody.

The Man of the Game is obviously Matt Clement with his complete game win.

Cooperstown, New York is a small village in the middle of nowhere. It is 30 miles from any major highway, and 67 miles from any real city. Only 2,032 people are residents of the town. On Monday, that population ballooned to around 10,000. It was obvious that there were more Red Sox fans from New England inhabiting the town than local Cooperstowners.

I stayed at a friends house just outside of the town and watched the parade, which was reminiscent of my hometown's 4th of July parade. You know, politicians in classic cars, some marching bands, people giving out candy and toys to kids. Throw in the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile, a brand new Ford GT, and the World Champion Red Sox on a trolley and that is what the parade was. We couldn't get tickets for the game due to the high demand for tickets and large number of tickets bought up by scalpers. We found a few good places to watch the game for free though. It was kind of like watching a game in 1900. Plus, it was a good feeling that in order to watch this game, you had to be there. There was no television broadcast even in Cooperstown. Anyway, the game was somewhat dull after the Red Sox starters were out and I was getting sick of hanging onto a fence behind the center field bleachers. Johnny Damon was a treat though playing catch with fans and conversing with us about beer and stuff like that.

I took a good number of pictures in Cooperstown of the parade and the game and once I figure out a way to get them from my camera to this computer (which is not mine) and onto the internet, I'll post a link.

Not shockingly, the Red Sox are back on the road once again. A 3 game set with Toronto, and the same with the Yankees before coming back to Friendly Fenway.


If you didn't know, Manchester United, the most famous sports team in the world and the most valuable sports franchise in the world was recently bought (well an overwhelming majority of it was bought) by non-soccer fan and Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner Malcolm Glazer for 790,000,000 pounds or just under $1.5 billion. Of course, Glazer isn't paying cash nor can he use the valuable Buccaneers as leverage on any deal due to NFL rules so he is going to transfer his personal debt from buying the team (650 million pounds/$1.2 billion) to the team itself. That's just ridiculous. Why the hell would you buy something only to transfer the debt to what you just bought? That could only hurt the asset you just acquired. Which it will. Ticket prices will go up for Man United and they will attmept to make more off merchandising which is nearly impossible. Man U is perhaps the best run sports organization in the world and their revenues are basically maximized as it is. I'm not complaining because I hate Manchester United, but could you imagine if some Englishman who didn't even like baseball wanted to buy the Red Sox? Then, in order to pay for the purchase, he would put the team in say $600 million in debt? I don't know about anyone else, but I'd be pissed beyond pissed.

Anyway, before going to the Casino, I bought the FA Cup on Pay-Per-View and it was well worth the $25. Arsenal and Manchester United have played each other many times over the decades and are about dead even head-to-head over the course of history. They played 4 times this season in 3 different competitions. Each team won twice. Arsenal, my favorite team, beat them in the FA Cup on penalty kicks 5-4. It was great seeing Manchester United, the New York Yankees of English soccer, get defeated by the equivalent of the Boston Red Sox.

Friday, May 20, 2005


Mueller and Miller both had great nights. Mueller got his first homer of the season and Miller got his first win of the season. The game was too close though. The Sox squandered a few big opportunities to blow the game wide open but they failed to get the big hit. And by they, I mean Edgar Renteria. Then Foulke came in and nearly blew what should have been a routine and easy save.

The Man of the Game is Johnny Damon who went 2 for 2 with a single and a triple. He also walked twice. He only scored once but that was mostly due to the 2, 3, 4, and 5 hitters oging a combined 1 for 15.

Tim Wakefield will take on Kyle Davies who will be making his Major League debut. you'd think that this game would be a lopsided victory for us but the Red Sox have been known to make random pitchers look like Cy Young.

For the first time all season, Wakefield won't be pitching to Doug Mirabelli. Mirabelli injured his wrist in an at-bat on Wednesday in the blowout loss to Oakland. Francona had take Varitek out in order to give Mirabelli some plate appearances and rest Tek and it backfired. This is the first time in his career that Mirabelli will be on the DL. Francona made no public decision as to who would catch for Wakefield. It will be either Varitek or Shawn Wooten who was brought up from Pawtucket. Francona might also have Millar catch because for some reason, he beleives Millar can do anything.

Sick of seeing Johnny Damon on TV? Then don't watch Fox tomorrow afternoon because Damon will be hosting This Week in Baseball.

Posting might be light in the next few days because I'm going to a casino in upstate New York and then going to Cooperstown to hopefully catch some of the Hall of Fame game. Then I might go up to Portland to see the Sea Dogs but that's still up in the air.


There's been alot of talk on WEEI and amongst fans of the Sox about what is wrong with this team. The focus of this ameteur analysis has been individual hitters. Kevin Millar is being slammed for his lack of performance. Mark Bellhorn is receiving his share of criticism for his strikeouts. People are finally realising that Renteria isn't that great of a player. The player escaping his share of criticism is Manny Ramirez.

Something is up with Manny. He isn't on pace for the RBI he is supposed to be getting. His batting average is almost .100 points lower than it should be. The most telling thing are his strikeouts. It isn't the number of strikeouts, its the way in which he has struck out and the situations in which he has struck out. He's taking alot of called strikes recently and he is having alot of swings that don't look like Manny Ramirez swings. Lately, he has been a hole in the lineup. I don't know if he is still hurt, but you can tell he is tentative at the plate. This, in my opinion, is the result of being hit by so many pitches.

Manny is pretty sensitive when it comes to being hit. Remember the beanball incident in the 2003 ALCS when he nearly charged the mound for a pitch that was merely slightly inside? Manny also seems to be a fe winches farther from the plate than he used to be. He isn't using the outside part of the plate. He hasn't been hitting the ball hard the other way. This is understandable if he is standing farther from the plate and isn't diving to hit the outside pitch. Even though being tentative is understandable, it is unacceptable. Manny needs to dig in and if he gets hit, he gets hit. I know its alot easier for me to say it than for Manny to do it, but it is his job to hit and drive in runs. Our cleanup hitter can't be a hole in the lineup if we hope to win the World Series again.

Another group of people escaping criticism is the pitching staff. No-one seems to care that the Sox allowed 23 runs to the terrible offense of Oakland. One sixth of Oakland's annual run production has been against Boston. That's simply pathetic. The Red Sox have been scoring about the same amount of runs as they did at this time last year. However, the pitching staff is less than what it was last season. Much less. This staff reminds me of the 2000-2003 Red Sox. One Ace and then 4 pitchers capable of solid starts but also capable of terrible outings.

I think this team has some sort of complacency to it. This wasn't acquired from winning the World Series. I think this team gained a sense of confidence from coming back and winning the ALCS last season. They didn't turn it on until they needed to and perhaps this season they're hoping to do the same thing. This can work out, but what if Baltimore or New York also turn it on and no matter how many games the Sox win in August and September, it might not matter.

Just imagine if we had kept Cabrera or signed Eckstein (and then been able to afford Pedro) and signed Tino Martinez. The Red Sox made very little effort to improve themselves in any way even though it was obvious they would be losing something in the rotation with Martinez and Lowe leaving and Schilling being a question mark. The only position at which the Sox attempted to improve themselves was at shortstop, a position at which they were fine at with Cabrera.

One thing I learned last year was that it isn't over until the math says so. We aren't failing as bad as the Yankees were a few weeks ago. We still have alot of work to do.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


In this series, the Red Sox allowed the 2nd worst run scoring offense in baseball and the 2nd worst hitting team in baseball (batting .211 as a team, ranked below 15 NL teams that have pitchers batting) to put up 24 runs in 3 games. This is why we lost the series. It doesn't get much easier with the Braves rolling into Fenway this weekend and then going back on the road to Cooperstown and Toronto.

The Man of the Game for the 7-5 win on Tuesday is Edgar Renteria who went 2 for 4 with 2 runs, and 2 RBI. He also walked. It was one of his token good games that will be overshadowed by some 1 for 5 performances coming up.

The Man of the Game for Wednesday's 13-6 loss is Eric Byrnes who went 4 for 5 with a double. He scored three times and knocked in a run.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Wells: 0.7 - 1.1 IP, 7 ER
Gonzalez: 0.1 - 3.2 IP, 3 ER
Halama: 0.1 - 2 IP, 3 ER
Francona: 0.1 - No Renteria after 2 for 4 day, no rehab start for Wells

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


The Red Sox had every opportunity to break this one open but they failed to get the big game breaking hit at every point. It seems as though when Arroyo is pitching, when the Sox get a lead they just settle in and don't do anything to add to their lead. Usually Arroyo is able to get out of jams and keep opponents to 1-3 runs but this game he was human. Plus, Damon and Nixon appeared to misplay some balls in the outfield and Renteria bumbled a ground ball with a runner on 3rd allowing Kotsay to score.

Let's look at the big opportunities the Red Sox had.

Top of 2nd, bases loaded, 2 outs: Bellhorn singles
Top of 2nd, runners on 1st and 2nd, 2 outs: Damon strikes out
Top of 4th, bases loaded, 0 outs: Bellhorn strikes out
Top of 4th, bases loaded, 1 out: Damon strikes out
Top of 4th, bases loaded, 2 outs: Renteria flies out
Top of 7th, runners on 1st and 2nd, 0 out: Renteria singles
Top of 7th, bases loaded, 0 outs: Ortiz doubles
Top 7th, runners on 2nd and 3rd, 0 outs: Ramirez strikes out
Top 7th, runners on 2nd and 3rd, 1 out: Nixon intentionally walks
Top 7th, bases loaded, 1 out: Varitek strikes out
Top 7th, bases loaded, 2 outs: Youkilis grounds into FC
Top 8th, runners on 1st and 2nd, 1 out: Renteria strikes out
Top 8th, runners on 1st and 2nd, 2 out: Ortiz grounds out
Top 9th, runners on 2nd and 3rd, 2 out: Mueller flies out

In 14 situations to score runs, the Sox capitalized only 3 times and got an intentional walk. Ten times in situations which made scoring alot of runs possible, the Sox failed utterly. They didn't even get sacrifice flies or groundouts that advanced runners. They utterly failed.

Myers didn't do his job either and in my opinion, he shouldn't have been in to face Durazo. Durazo was 11 for 33 against left handed pitching on the season and was 3 for 8 against Myers in his career. It was a freak hit but a hit nonetheless.

I don't know what it is about the Pacific Ocean but it seems to have some sort of effect on the Red Sox. Against Seattle and Oakland last week, we took 5 of 6. Now, we've been beaten 3 out of 4 and need to take the last two against Oakland to go .500 on the trip.

Renteria should not be batting 2nd. It just isn't working. Hopefully he'll come through and he's had a few good games to make you think he might be coming around but right now, I think he is a bottom of the lineup hitter and nothing more. I'd still like to see Bellhorn have a shot at batting 2nd. If not, I think Varitek should be up there.

Tek is batting .325 compared to Renteria at .246. This means Varitek is getting another hit more than Renteria every 8 at-bats or about every 2 games. Varitek's OBP, which is a crucial stat for the #2 hitter in this lineup, is .379. Edgar's is .296. This means Tek is getting on-base an extra time every 10 plate appearances, or once every 2 games. Their walk and strikeout numbers are similar. Renteria is faster and has stolen 2 bases but batting in front of Manny and Ortiz usually means the #2 hitter, if he gets on base, will stay put and avoid the risk of running into outs. So there is very little point in having speed on base in front of Manny and Ortiz. Maybe once or twice in a year, Tek might not be able to score from first on a double whereas Renteria could, but to me, this isn't worth the offensive downgrade from Renteria to Tek.

Not only does Tek hit more and get on base more, he has more power. Tek has 7 HRs and is hitting one out of the park once every 16 at-bats. Renteria only has 2 HRs and is hitting one every 71 at-bats. Tek is on pace to hit 30 HRs this season and Renteria is on pace to hit 9. Renteria typically gets in between 10-13 HRs a season and Varitek typically hovers near 20 in about 100 fewer ABs a season. Varitek has 14 extra base hits compared to Renteria's 8. This means that Tek gets into scoring position or scores on his own with a homer almost twice as often as Renteria.

I think Varitek would be a better set-up man for Ortiz, Manny, and Trot because he gets on base more, gets more hits, and gets more extra base hits. In this lineup, however, the #2 hitter often has opportunities to knock players in. The Sox have a lineup that has quality hitters from 1-9 so there are always runners getting on base from the 7-9 spots so the leadoff hitter and #2 hitter have to be able to knock guys in. Damon does this pretty well with 20 RBI so far. Varitek only has 15 RBI but compared to Renteria's 11 in more at-bats, Tek has an edge over Renteria.

Tek also does alot of the little things that a #2 hitter is supposed to do. He can hit for contact and when the opportunity presentes itself, he will steal a base here and there. He is an intelligent baserunner and an intelligent hitter. He should be given a shot at the 2 spot for a week or two.

The Man of the Game is Mark Kotsay who went 1 for 3 with a bases loaded triple. He then scored on a groundout. The next inning, he made a heads-up play in right center field to cutoff a double off the wall by Ortiz and keep Renteria from scoring what was the go ahead run at the time.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Arroyo: 0.2 - 7 IP, 4 ER
Myers: 0.4 - 0 IP, 2 ER
Ramirez: 0.1 - 1 for 5, 2 Ks, 2 LOB
Damon: 0.2 - 0 for 3, 2 K, 5 LOB, misplay in CF
Renteria: 0.1 - 1 for 5, 5 LOB, misply at SS

Oil Can Boyd pitched 3 innings for the Brockton Rox against the Worcester Tornadoes. If I ever get a little bit of money, I'm gonna start a Can-Am League team in my backyard. We wouldn't be a good team, but we'd be entertaining.

The Red Sox play the A's again tomorrow night. Clement pitches for us and is due to have a bad start. Meanwhile, the Yankees are winning like crazy against these AL West teams. They've won 9 straight.

Monday, May 16, 2005


Manny Ramirez became the 4th player to hit 400 Homeruns and the 5th to do it in a Red Sox uniform. Gil Meche was the 262nd different pitcher Manny hit a homer off of.

Unfortunately, Manny's homerun was not enough as Wakefield couldn't hold the Mariners and the offense couldn't really capitalize on any baserunners.

The Man of the Game is Miguel Olivo who went 3 for 4 with a double and a homer. He wasn't even supposed to play but Gonzalez was injured. He knocked in 2 and scored 2 runs.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Millar: 0.2 - 0 for 4, 4 LOB
Renteria: 0.2 - 0 for 5, 3 LOB
Wakefield: 0.6 - 7 IP, 5 ER

The Sox should roll in and out of Oakland this weekend.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Christopher Trotman Nixon is having a pretty good year wherever he bats in the lineup. His projected numbers look like this:

Average: .319
On Base %: .433
Slugging: .564
Homers: 27
RBI: 108
Runs: 95

I think moving him to the #5 spot in the order is the right thing to do. He can give Manny some protection, keep the lineup switching from left to right, and provide some solid power at a power spot in the lineup. However, I still don't think Renteria is the right man for the #2 spot in the order. I'd rather see Bellhorn or even Varitek up there. Varitek is the only other guy that has hit well all season and Bellhorn flourished in the #2 spot last season.

Wade Miller is looking pretty good until he gets over 90 pitches or so. This is good news. Hopefully within a few more starts he will be able to go over 100 and still be effective. The short releif out of the bullpen has been very reliable as of late. I think pitchers might be adjusting to their roles with the team.

Manny climbed one HR closer to 400. His 400th will break him out of a 3 way tie with Andres Galarraga and Al Kaline for 39th all-time. I beleive the last player to hit his 400th HR in a Red Sox uniform was Andre Dawson in 1993. Other players who spent time in Fenway and have 400+ HRs are: Carl Yastrzemski, Jose Conseco, Ted Williams, Jimmie Foxx, and Babe Ruth.

The Man of the Game is Trot Nixon who went 2 for 4 with a single and a 2 out Grand Slam that gave the Sox a lead.

The rubber game is this afternoon as Wakefield faces Meche. Then its down the coast to Oakland to play the Pathetics who have been getting crushed by the Yankees lately.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


The Sox shouldn't have won this mismatch from the start. J-Gon against Piniero is a pitching inequity that would require the Sox getting to the M's pitchers, which they did, and the Sox pitchers to pitch decently, which they didn't.

The Man of the Game is Ichiro who went 3 for 4 with 2 singles, and a triple. He walked, stole a base, knocked in a run and scored three times. He ignited the Mariners offense allowing guys like Beltre and Winn to drive in runs. Ichiro also had an outfield assist. For as much hype Johnny Damon has, deservedly so at the moment, Ichiro is twice the player. Faster, better hitter, better baserunner, more range, much better arm.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Gonzalez: 0.5 - 3.1 IP, 7 ER
Halama: 0.5 - 1.2 IP, 5 ER

Wade Miller makes his first road start of the season against Ryan Franklin and the M's. Look for David Ortiz to have another big night against Franklin. Hopefully the pitching will hold the Mariners to fewer than 5 runs. If so, we should win.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Nice comeback to save Foulke who has been pitching poorly. All last season he gave up 8 homers. He's given up 8 so far this season. Dotel doesn't really seem like he'd be that effective of a closer. He walks alot of batters and throws pretty much just fastballs.

The Man of the Game is Varitek who went 3 for 4 with a double, homer, and a single. He knocked in three and scored twice. All the runs he knocked in gave the Sox a lead. THAT is clutch hitting.

Clement had a nice start too. If he can stay solid and have a few nice starts here and there, he should end up having a good year. Foulke needs to get back on the ball though.

The Sox head out west for 3 with Seattle and 3 with Oakland. Normally, these trips are rough on us but given the poor play these two teams are practicing, it should be a fun trip. The key word is "should."

Kevin Millar had a terrible game until the bottom of the 9th. A pair of errors and some idiotic decisions at first base coupled with an 0 for 3 until the 9th when he hit a game winning 2 run shot.

This game was a really fun one to watch. Great pitching, some clutch hitting, and a few nice defensive plays like the diving catch by Byrnes to save a 1-1 tie and a nice catch by Damon going back to the wall.

The Man of the Game is Johnny Damon who is hotter than the sun. He went 3 for 3 with a pair of singles and a triple. He also walked and had a nice grab in center field. He had 3 of the Red Sox 5 hits.

The Sox look to complete the sweep tomorrow afternoon.

United States of Baseball
Just found out about this site with writing on all sorts of baseball stories from across the Majors. Great site for fans of the game.

Wells will throw off the mound before tomorrow's game.

The Rolling Stones will be coming to Fenway this summer to play a concert. It will be the Stones second appearance at Fenway. They played Opening Day in 1912 when the Sox hosted the New York Highlanders.

Monday, May 09, 2005


I tried finding a picture that didn't have Reggie Miller in it considering he only scored 2 in Indiana's Game 7 victory but ESPN decided to put up more pictures of him on the internet than there are pictures of Britney Spears. Not that I do alot of surfing for that kind of stuff. Um, anyway, Pierce and Walker played immature ball while the younger players were forced to sit back and watch them not pass.

The Celtics have a major decision to make in the offseason. Should they sign Walker or let him go again. I really don't know what they should do. However, if they fail to sign Walker, they must replace him with something that helps the team like a proto-typical center that stays underneath the basket and rebounds. Raef just isn't cutting it in my opinion.

As the Celtics disintegrated, the Red Sox have been tearing things up. They've won 6 of their last 7. These games have been against the dregs of the American League but a win is a win.

The Man of the Game for the 4-3 win over Detroit on the 4th is Kevin Youkilis who went 2 for 3 with a walk and a pair of singles. He had the game winning RBI in the 8th inning and also scored a run. He proved last year that he belongs at the Major League level and is continuing to prove that he can help this team as a bench player and next year might be able to play third base in replacement of either Mueller or Bellhorn.

The Man of the Game for the 2-1 win on Thursday the 5th is without a doubt Bronson Arroyo. He went 8 innings allowing only 3 hits and a run. He also walked a batter. He struck out 8. He went 6.1 innings before relenting a hit which was as cheap of a homerun one can hit at Comerica down the line into a camera position. It was still a 345 foot shot though. This game was a classic pitching duel between Arroyo and Jason Johnson with Arroyo coming out on top.

The Man of the Game for the 7-2 win over Seattle on Friday is Matt Clement who had one of his amazing starts. This means he will get rocked in his next start. Anyway, Clement went 7 allowing a solitary unearned run. He gave up 5 hits, a walk, and struck out 6.

The Man of the Game for the 6-3 win over Seattle in Game 1 of the doubleheader is Kevin Millar who went 2 for 4 with a huge bases loaded, bases clearing double in the 1st that gave the Sox a lead they would not give back. Jeremi Gonzalez also pitched well to get his first MLB win since august of 2003.

The Man of the Game for the night cap is David Ortiz. He went 3 for 4 with a homer, a double, 3 RBI, and a Run. His double was nearly a homerun off the Green Monster in left-center and his out was almost a homerun just shy of the bullpen in right-center. He crushed the ball. Unfortunately, the Sox lost because of a AA pitcher.

I really don't understand the logic behind the decision to bring in a AA prospect that has never pitched in any major situation with 34,000 fans yelling and millions of people on TV watching and the go ahead run in scoring position in a 2-2 game. Why not keep Halama in? Or bring in Embree? The Red Sox have never known how to gradually bring in young pitchers into the majors. This kid's confidence is now at an all-time low after walking the bases loaded and blowing the game on a Grand Slam. It isn't his fault, in my opinion. He shouldn't have bee in a situation to face Richie Sexson with the bases loaded in a 2-2 game.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Millar: 0.1 - 0 for 4, 4 LOB
Payton: 0.1 - 0 for 4, 2 LOB
Nixon: 0.1 - 0 for 3, 3 LOB
Meredith: 0.4 - 0.1 IP, 3 ER, 2 BB, HR
Francona: 0.3 - shouldn't have brought in Meredith

The Man of the Game for the blowout win over Oakland is Trot Nixon who went 2 for 4 with a homer and a double. He knocked in 4 runs.

Is it me, or is Manny Ramirez getting thrown at ALOT this season? For all the talk about how many batters the Sox hit, to have the best hitter on the team thrown at alot says alot.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Even with Tom Brady present the Celtics were unable to play like winners. They turned the ball over 21 times. You're not gonna win too many games doing that. The Cs face elimination Thursday night at Indy.

The Sox were able to pull out a win against Detroit. Halama did a good job spot starting going 5 and allowing only 2 runs. Mirabelli had a good night at DH with a Grand Slam. The jumbled lineup and makeshift pitching staff came through pretty nicely.

The Man of the Game is Doug Mirabelli who hit a huge 2 out Grand Slam to give the Sox a lead and essentially win the game.

Mirabelli may strike again as Wakefield goes against Detroit in the rubber game of the series.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


110-79. Domination. Pierce with 30 points, 7 boards, 8 assists and 5 blocks. Even without Walker, the Celtics were able to crush the Pacers. Now the series will go back to Boston for a Tuesday game. The series is now a best of 3 series with the Celtics having home court advantage.

The Red Sox have continued sucking the life out of me. Although they wound up taking 2 from Texas, a loss to Detroit is on the same level as losing a game to Boston College.

The Man of the Game for Saturday's win against Texas is Johnny Damon who went 3 for 6 with a double and a homer. He knocked in 4. Arroyo had yet another quality start.

The Man of the Game for Sunday's win against the Rangers is a tough one. Trot Nixon is going to get it with a 2 for 5, 2 RBI performance.

Despite Jeremi Gonzalez's nice start, the Red Sox were unable to overcome the pitching and offensive onslought of the mighty Detroit Tigers. I wish there was an HTML code for sarcasm, I really do.

The Man of the Game is Northeastern's own Carlos Pena who went 2 for 4 with a pair of homers and 3 RBI.

Here's the Bitch-Goat:
Nixon: 0.1 - 4 LOB
Ramirez: 0.1 - 4 LOB
Ortiz: 0.1 - 5 LOB
Varitek: 0.1 - 4 LOB
Renteria: 0.1 - 4 LOB
Mueller: 0.1 - 4 LOB
Gonzalez: 0.1 - pitched solidly, not solid enough
Neal: 0.2 - 0.1 IP, 2 ER
Embree: 0.1 - eliminated any doubt in the game

I'm not going to be updating the things on the side because it is finals week and I'm lazy.

PS: I hit my first ever Royal Flush the other day playing online. I flopped it. The odds of this are 650,000 to 1.