Tuesday, March 16, 2010


After the 5-1 over Philly, I was thrilled. But this team has shown sparks before, only to fail in kindling those sparks into a lasting fire.

There's been a theory floated that the Bruins play much more inspired hockey when Tuuka Rask is in net. I'm starting to give this notion more credence as it's tough to argue with it after last night. But if true, I think it's utterly pathetic. You obviously go with Rask then, but how long will the Bruins give 100% in front of him?

This team is like a combination of Wizard of Oz characters. They lack heart, they lack brains, only Mark Stuart seems to have courage, and Dennis Wideman just wants to go home.

They lack coaching too. For New Jersey's first goal, Julien opted for a line of Sobotka-Satan-Lucic, with Hunwick and Boychuck as the defensive pair. This was for a faceoff in the defensive zone, after the Devils had turned it into a shooting gallery.

And what the hell is Satan doing on a line with Sobotka and Lucic? That's like putting high performance racing tires on an '88 Buick.

Speaking of Lucic, while it's not his fault, he really is useless on the ice. He's obviously nursing multiple injuries, which prevent him from playing the physical game he's known for. The problem is, he doesn't possess much in the finesse/skills department. And his Hockey IQ has always been in the meaty center of the bell curve. A healthy Daniel Paille is twice as effective as the current version of Milan Lucic.

The Bruins sit one point ahead of the Rangers for the 8th and final playoff spot. They play at lowly Carolina tonight. Anything less than 2 points is inexcusable.