Sunday, January 08, 2006


This has been a good and exciting start to the playoff season. We all know about the Pstriots crushing the Jaguars. The other blowout in Wild Card Weekend was the Giants falling to the Panthers 23-0. Eli Manning pulled a Peyton Manning and choked, throwing 3 INTs. The other overrated young QB in the league that benefits because of his last name, Chris Simms, also had a poor day as his Buccaneers were upset by the Redskins 17-10. Simms threw 0 TD and 2 INTs. The Steelers benefited from the loss of Carson Palmer by the Bengals and eventually got to Jon Kitna and won 31-17.

With Pittsburgh's win over Cincinnati, the Patriots will be sent to Denver on Saturday night. It should be an interesting matchup. The Broncos went 8-0 at home this season including a 28-20 victory over us on October 16. However, we had Patrick Pass and Amos Zeroue running the ball for us. Dillon didn't play. Neither did Seymour, Brown, or Faulk. Against Jacksonville, Seymour had half a sack and fell on a fumble. Brown caught a TD pass, and Faulk had 96 all purpose yards. I think we're a better team than we were back in October. Tedy Bruschi also did not play and Ben Watson did not start. We're a different and much improved team than we were in October.