Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Undoubtedly the best outing for a Red Sox pitcher this year for Wells. Some stellar offensive performances, as well. Manny went 2 for 2, walked twice, and had a double. He scored a run and knocked one in. Tek went 2 for 3 with a homer, 3 runs, and 3 RBI. However, this game was about David Wells who went 8 shutout innings allowing only 3 hits and a walk. I think if the game were tighter and later in the season, he would have gone 9 having thrown only 109 pitches.

Wells is definately the Man of the Game.

Nomar might be out for a while with a groin injury.

Sox look for a 2 game sweep tomorrow.


Keith Foulke has been unimpressive this season. 1-2 record with a 4.50 ERA, a WHIP of 1.63. I feel bad for Bronson Arroyo who went up against one of the best pitchers in the league and gave the Sox an opportunity to win the game. Manny and Ortiz did their part.

A few questionable decisions for Francona. How come in the 8th and 9th innings, Jay Payton, David McCarty and Ramon Vazquez were batting? I know Manny won't be winning any Gold Gloves in the outfield, but can we wait until the 9th to pull him when we're pretty sure he won't get another AB unless the other team takes a lead.

Why the hell didn't Francona pinch hit for Vazquez? He could have used Mirabelli, one of the best hitters on the team. Instead, with 2 on and 2 out in the bottom of the 9th down 4-3, in Fenway Park with 35,000 fans cheering, a AAA player was given an at-bat. Not surprisingly, he didn't do anything with it.

This goes back to the Neal/Youkilis thing. Why the hell do we need to keep Blaine Neal around? He is only good for blowout games anyway and we've got Halama. We shouldv'e kept Youk up in Boston. He actually has a chance to be a major league player if he's given some Major League at-bats.

The Man of the Game is Bronson Arroyo who went 7 allowing only 1 run on a homer. He scattered 8 hits and walked only 1.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Embree: 0.4 - IP, 2 ER
Foulke: 0.3 - IP, ER
Renteria: 0.1 - 0 for 4, 2 LOB
Vazquez: 0.1 - 0 for 4, 2 LOB
Francona: 0.1 - Over micromanaging

Wells takes on Ponson in Baltimore tonight.

The Yankees went back to struggling, losing to Hideo Nomo and the D-Rays 5-2.

The Red Sox signed Tim Wakefield to a unique contract extension. The team and the player agreed to stay together in 2006 and every year after that the team has the option to keep him. It's a very original idea and I think it shows the dedication Wake has to the Sox and that the Sox have to Wake.

In 11 years with Boston, Wakefield has done EVERYTHING the team has asked of him. He has started 253 games for Boston ans has come in as a releiver 139 times. He even pinch hit for another pitcher in an extra inning game at Fenway getting a SAC Bunt (Pete Schourek also pinch hit in the game and got a single).