Sunday, July 30, 2006


David Ortiz is the MVP of the AL. That's it. I don't care that he doesn't play the field every day. He had 4 hits and 4 RBI in yesterday's 7-6 extra innings victory over the LA Angels. He sparked the 8th inning game tying rally with a solo homer, then hit a pitch the opposite way out of the Ortiz shift in the 11th inning to end the game.

The Sox showed a great deal of resiliency in yesterday's game. Things like Manny's outfield assist, Papelbon's 2 perfect innings of relief to keep the Angels at bay, and Ortiz's oppo single demonstrate that this team is capable of winning any game any day, even if they're behind. That's very good for our hopes to make the playoffs and to do well in the playoffs.

Speaking of playoffs, the Red Sox gained a game on the Yankees after New York fell to the mighty Devil Rays 19-6. That's right, the Yankees were crushed in Yankee Stadium by Tampa Bay. The Sox lead in the division is now 1.5 games. The Sox also have a theoretical lead in the Wild Card of a game over Chicago.

David Wells will return to the Sox rotation tomorrow to face the Indians. He threw a simulated game last week and looked well. He will be forgoing a rehab start, which isn't such a bad idea. The Sox need starting pitching now and there are only 60 games left in the season.