Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Yankees Drop the Ball

We Own Rivera. Seven Blown Saves against us in the past 2 seasons counting the playoffs. In his last 4 appearances against us, he has blown a save. I don't think we needed this victory in the big scheme of things. But it sure does help to leave New York on a good note as opposed to leaving with a sweep.

It was nice to see the offense put together a nice inning. Manny and Renteria getting some hits. Millar had a great day until he hurt his leg. Damon also did well. Bellhorn had a solid day. Nixon was hitless but he did walk three times.

The Man of the Game is Tim Wakefield. After Wells and Clement couldn't get out of the 5th, Wake went out and pitched 6.2 Innings of 3 hit ball. Probably most important was that he held Matsui hitless.

The Sox have an off day and then go up to Toronto for a three game series before the Home Opener against New York next week.

Good to see the Sox win one for Tito.