Sunday, March 29, 2009


The excessive booing done by Philadelphia's fans is often attributed to their "toughness" or their "passion." Rarely do announcers state the truth, that Philly fans are whiners, and the boo is their temper tantrum. After all, isn't "boo" the first half of "boo-hoo?"

The Bruins haven't won 3 in a row since February 5th. And although their win in Toronto was ugly (5 wretched goals let in by a very rusty Manny Fernandez), and last night's victory in Philly was closer than it shouldv'e been (48 shots on net by the opponent, that's more than too much), wins are wins are wins. And the Bruins have been doing what it takes to earn these wins.

Sunday night, a bad call put the Bruins at the short end of a 5 on 3 power play for 1:52. About a week ago, this misfortune would breed mistakes, which would ultimately cause defeat. But last night, the B's stood their ground, killed the penalty (thanks in large part to a spry Tim Thomas) and kept the advantage in the game.

The Flyers probably should have gotten a few more calls. Then again, when your style of play is to cheap shot players from behind, hit after the whistle, and rack up the most penalty minutes possible; you sometimes don't get on the officials' good side.

The B's still have some defensive miscues to correct. It's often too easy for opponents to enter their zone with the puck. The patented Bruins' layered defense is designed to prevent this, and force opponents to dump and chase. Instead, they're simply carrying the puck in. That's got to stop. Thomas can't make 45 saves a night every game.

But offensively the Bruins have found themselves, or so it seems. 15 goals in 3 games. Lucic has found his scoring touch again, he put the puck in twice. Krejci added 3 assists to his total. And Recchi has 7 goals in 11 games.

The Bruins come home and host the Lightning Tuesday night.


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AP Photo/Tom Mihalek