Thursday, September 24, 2009


The Red Sox only scored in 2 innings last night. In fact, they only got hits in 3 innings. But in those 3 innings, they recorded 12 hits. They scored 6 runs in the 5th, then an additional 3 in the 9th, giving Josh Beckett his 16th win of the season.

Beckett wasn't on his A game, allowing 12 hits in 6 innings of work. But the Royals only put 2 runs across in the 4th, and that was it. He got himself out of trouble, and navigated his way to an important win. You don't want to go to Kansas City and return without at least one victory.

How complete have Alex Gonzalez and Victor Martinez made the Red Sox lineup? Back when it was Varitek then Lugo/Green/Lowrie, the bottom of the Sox order was a cruise control inning for opposing pitchers. Martinez's placement in the heart of the order allows guys like Drew and Lowell to anchor the bottom third. And Gonzalez doesn't allow pitchers to have any easy outs in the 9 spot. A-Gon was 2 for 5 last night, and he's hit.293 in 116 at-bats for the Sox. He makes Theo Epstein look like a moron for letting him go, and a genius for brining him back.

The Sox finish their trip to Missouri Thursday night as Dusty Hughes (sounds like a pro wrestler from the 1980s) opposes Clay Buchholz.

Magic #=5


Photo Credit:
AP Photo/Charlie Riedel