Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It wasn't the prettiest of Wins, but you can't complain about victory at this point of the season. Daisuke was his typically odd self, requiring 110 pitches to get 17 outs. It was his 8th non-Quality Start. It wasn't awful, but it did mean the Sox had to rely on Felix Doubrant. I know I'm critical of starters whenever they fail to get the ball to Bard-Papelbon, but 5.2 innings is insufficient. And 4 runs in such a short start is also dangerous. Thankfully the Sox got to Romero, then Shawn Camp.

Jacoby Ellsbury has seemingly settled back into the groove. It's almost tempting to keep him in the 9 spot since he's done so well down there. And the pitch-count working Drew might be better suited as a #2 hitter than a #5 or $6.

Tonight brings a very nice pitching matchup as Buchholz opposes 10-5 Shawn Marcum.

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