Thursday, January 22, 2009


I spent years defending him. The last few years, I tolerated him. Now I'm growing to hate him. Everyone else can blame Scott Boras, but Jason Varitek is the one responsible for his predicament.

Firstly, anyone who hires Scott Boras is out for money. There's no two ways about it. If you want the big bucks, you hire Scott Boras. He's the Ari Gold of baseball.

Secondly, Varitek can't look in the newspaper and see how pathetic his batting average was last year? CC Sabathia (.235) had a better average than Varitek (.220). And NO 37 year old catcher considerably improves at the plate. It doesn't happen. Best case scenario: Varitek doesn't get worse. Yet he was offered $10 million, or $108,000 per hit (he had a whopping 93 last year), AND HE TURNED IT DOWN?!?

Jason, you hit .220 last year, then .118 in the postseason. Yes, you're the team captain, and you're great with the pitching staff, but nobody pays $10 million for a .220 hitter, at least not on purpose.

And now this garbage about not realizing that refusal of arbitration means other teams would have to give up a draft pick to sign him. That's your fault for not knowing that. You have to be smart to go to Georgia Tech, don't you?

And the fact that teams don't want to give up a pick, which aren't extremely valuable in baseball, to sign him further reinforces how below average he truly is.

Jason Varitek had a home in Boston. He was the captain, had won two World Series, caught 4 no-hitters, could always get money from Bernie & Phyl's, and was offered $10,000,000 to stay here.

He turned it down.

Fuck him.


After a crushing shootout loss to the Blues Monday night, the Bruins needed to go up to Toronto and leave with 2 points. And they barely got them.

The Bruins didn't lead until Michael Ryder put the puck past Vesa Toskala in round 4 of the shootout. And if not for their unbelievably prolific power play unit that tied it in the 3rd, the B's would have gone into the All-Star break with a regulation loss against a non-playoff team.

The Bruins haven't looked sharp for a week. It's very likely that the many injuries at forward are starting to take their toll. Whenever PJ Axelsson has 3 seconds less ice time than Marc Savard, something is up. The B's fell behind to the Blues on Monday and the Maple Leafs last night. That's inexcusable. And their effort against the Islanders was laughable, despite the 2-1 victory.

But how about Zdeno Chara? He had his 7th power play goal of the season, and spent 29 minutes on the ice. He played most of the 3rd period, and pretty much the entire overtime. He's a legit contender for the Norris Trophy (given to the best defenseman) if he keeps this up.

And where the hell do the Bruins find guys like Martin St. Pierre, who kept the Bruins alive in the shootout? Providence, Rhode Island. I might have to make the trip down I-95 to check out the Baby B's because almost everyone they send to the big club plays out of their minds. Last year it was David Krejci, this year it's St. Pierre and Matt Hunwick.

Most of the Bruins get a nice 6 day vacation before suiting up against the Capitals on the 27th in the Garden. This is perfect timing for the break. Hopefully Lucic, Kessel, and Bergeron return soon, because the B's have games against the Rangers, Flyers, Sharks, and Canadiens coming up.


Photo Credit:
AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Frank Gunn