Friday, November 02, 2012

BC Football to Play Ohio State

Silver helmets against gold. Maybe we can call this the Precious Metal Bowl? Yukon Cornelius can't decide which helmet he prefers. Though he seems to favor silver.

Boston College and Ohio State have agreed to play a home-and-home series in 2020 and 2021. The Buckeyes would host the Eagles on September 19, 2020. And Ohio State would come to Boston on September 18, 2021.

I'm sure new BC Athletic Director Brad Bates already knew Ohio State AD Gene Smith from Bates's days as the Miami (Ohio) AD. Miami played Ohio State in 2005 and 2012. This previous relationship might have helped get this deal done, or at least start the conversation.

This being a home-and-home series is great news for BC. Not every team is able to lure BCS powerhouses out of their lairs for non-conference games. And games like this one, and the series with USC (who will host BC in 2013, and come to BC in 2014), help entice recruits.

Hopefully by 2020 BC will have a team capable of keeping up with Ohio State.

David Ortiz and Cody Ross Likely to Hit Open Market

Both David Ortiz and Cody Ross are going to test the waters of free agency. The exclusive negotiating period ends at midnight tonight (which is technically midnight tomorrow morning).

Ortiz wants a 2 year deal worth $25 million. Sources say (leaks from the Red Sox say) that the Sox are willing to give him a 2 year deal and aren't too far off on the money. But that's subjective isn't it? They might think $1 million a season isn't far off, but that's a decent chunk of cash.

There are rumors that the Texas Rangers are interested in Ortiz.

I don't think the Sox should get into a bidding war over a 37 year old DH who can't play the field and takes a long time to recover from injuries. $12.5 million isn't much for Ortiz in 2013, but it could be a burdensome amount in 2014.

I like Cody Ross, but let's keep his value in perspective. He's a career .262 hitter with a .324 OBP and .460 SLG. Last year he had decent power with 22 homeruns and 34 doubles. And that's about his ceiling. For the $3 million the Sox paid him in 2012, he was a bargain. But he's not worth a long-term, expensive deal.

Ross is smart to test free agency. There will be teams interested. He's 31 years old so this might be his last chance to sign a long-term, big money deal.

Ignorant College Football Picks*

Be advised, this post includes pictures of young, scantily clad ladies showing school pride. This might not be safe for work.

My picks last week were an abysmal 6-13, dropping my overall record below .500 (46-48-1). Here are my picks for this week's game:

Washington +4 @ California
Washington has a better record.

Minnesota +12 vs. Michigan
Gophers at home, with a good sized spread, why not?

Florida -17 vs. Missouri
Mizzou only has 1 SEC win.

Mississippi State +7 vs. Texas A&M
Game is in Mississippi. Advantage Bulldogs.

Georgia Tech -8 @ Maryland
No faith in Maryland's QB.

NC State -10.5 vs. Virginia
UVA, once again, is rubbish.

Stanford -28 @ Colorado
The Buffaloes might be one of the worst teams in the FBS.

West Virginia -5.5 vs. TCU
Pair of Big XII newcomers in Morgantown, I'll take the Mountaineers.

Wake Forest -3 vs. Boston College
BC is dreadfully bad.

Nebraska -1.5 @ Michigan State
Slim spread.

Purdue +3.5 vs. Penn State
More scandals for PSU, more distractions.

Northern Illinois -34.5 vs. UMass
The NIU Huskies are 8-1, and UMass are 0-8.

Texas +7 @ Texas Tech
Always believe in the Longhorns over the Red Raiders.

Pitt +17 @ Notre Dame
One of these weeks my anti-ND picks will work out.

Clemson -12.5 @ Duke
Tigers are good.

USC +8.5 vs. Oregon
Should be a fun game to watch.

UConn +8 @ South Florida
UConn needs to win if they want to make a bowl game.

Kansas State -8 vs. Oklahoma State
Can't not pick K-State.

LSU +8.5 vs. Alabama
I think Bama wins, but by a small margin, so LSU covers.

Patriots Trade for Aqib Talib

It's rare that NFL teams make much noise at the trade deadline, so even a whisper can seem deafening. Aqib Talib is a solid cornerback, who will become the top CB on the depth chart once he's able to play. He's currently serving a suspension for taking adderall without a prescription. He can return on the 18th.

Talib's status as the Patriots' #1 CB is more of a statement about the current stable of defensive backs as opposed to Talib's prowess at the position. Although when he stays out of trouble, Talib is a decent coverage corner. And the Patriots haven't had one of those for a few years.

It will be nice to have a smart CB for once. Someone who doesn't find themselves out of position. Someone who knows to turn their head when the ball is coming, in order to avoid PI penalties.

The Patriots gave up a 4th round pick for Talib, and received a 7th round selection.

Talib might not get the defense, as simple as it is. One never knows. And he could be charged with aggravated assault again. But to me this is low risk, medium-to-high reward. He can be a solid coverage corner, and Alfonzo Dennard is looking good. Devin McCourty can be shifted to safety.

He's a serious player in a defensive backfield full of jokes.

And if you're feeling depressed, just yell out "AQIB TALIB!" and you'll feel better. Trust me.