Thursday, May 25, 2006


The good news is, Manny Ramirez is hitting the crap out of the ball. The bad news is, our pitchers are allowing our opponents to do the same thing. The Sox hitters were given sizeable deficits with which to overcome on Tuesday and Wednesday. Both times, they fell a little bit short.

On Tuesday, Wakefield got knocked around for 7 runs, 6 of which were earned. Meanwhile, the Red Sox were held scoreless by Jaret Wright, and didn't plate a run until the 6th inning. They scored 5 off the Yankee bullpen, but were eventually shut down by Rivera in the 9th.

The Sox had plenty of opportunity to score often in the game. They had 18 baserunners, but left 13 of them on base. They left 6 men in scoring position. A huge problem was Ortiz in the middle of the lineup going 0 for 4 with 5 men left on base.

The Man of the Game for Tuesday's 7-5 loss is Manny Ramirez. He went 3 for 5 with a homer, and a pair of singles. He knocked in 4 runs, but only scored once, which is a testament to the lack of clutch hitting behind him in the lineup on Tuesday night.

Here is the B*tch-Goat:
Wakefield: 0.6 - 6.2 IP, 7 R, 6 ER, 6 H, 5 BB, 2 HR
Ortiz: 0.2 - 0 for 4, 5 LOB
Harris: 0.1 - 0 for 2, K, 4 LOB
Mohr: 0.1 - 0 for 2, 2 K

Wednesday's game was a similar story. Manny hit, Ortiz didn't. The Sox pitchers gave up a lot of runs early and the hitters tried to come back, but fell two runs shy. It was like watching Sox in 2 on NESN.

The Sox had 12 hits and 15 total baserunners, but they couldn't muster much of a big inning.

We had an opportunity to get that big inning in the bottom of the 8th. Pena led off the inning with a single. Nixon popped out. Gonzalez lined a single to center and Pena reached 3rd. Harris came on to run for Gonzalez, and he stole 2nd base. Then Youkilis struck out swinging for the 2nd out. Loretta walked. The 4th ball got away from Stinnett, but Pena didn't even attempt to advance to score. Harris was already halfway to 3rd before noticing Pena hadn't moved from his lead off the bag. Nevertheless, the bases were loaded with Ortiz up at the plate. Papi went down looking on 6 pitches. Rivera sent the Red Sox down in order in the 9th.

The loss brings the Yankees a mere half game out of 1st place. This divisional race looks like it will shape up to be a very interesting one.

The Man of the Game is once again Manny Ramirez. He went 3 for 4 with 3 RBI, 3 runs, 2 homers, a double, and a walk.

Here is the B*tch-Goat:
Clement: 0.8 - 4.1 IP, 8 ER
Ortiz: 0.2 - 0 for 5, 4 K, 5 LOB

Lenny DiNardo has been placed on the 15 Day DL. He has been replaced on the roster by righthander Jermaine Van Buren, who is making his 2nd stint with the Red Sox. It probably will not be a long one. Because...

Wells will be activated for Friday's game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I, and perhaps the Sox, would have preferred to give him another rehab start, but at this time there is no choice. DiNardo is on the DL, and we need a starting pitcher. Hopefully we can get something out of Wells because our rotation, as of late, has been susceptible, and suspect.

Here is the rehab plan for Coco Crisp. He will play two games in extended Spring Training down in Florida. He will then play a game in AAA for Pawtucket on Saturday. He will work out on Sunday at Fenway Park and could be back with us on Monday in Toronto against the Blue Jays. Crisp has already missed nearly a quarter of the season, but it seems as though he is on the verge of returning.

Beckett against Waechter tonight.