Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm 7-6 on the season, but I'm going to start something different for this week. I'm going to pick based on the spread. I'm taking the spreads from

Thursday - 7:30 PM - ESPN
#19 Miami Hurricanes @ Pitt Panthers.
I'm taking the Canes -3.5. Pittsburgh just doesn't have the athleticism to keep up with Miami. Now, The U is very inconsistent, and I wouldn't take this pick to the bank. But I'll take inconsistent athleticism with a 3.5 point spread any day of the week. Even Thursday.

Friday - 8:00 PM - ESPN
#4 TCU Horned Frogs @ SMU Mustangs
I'll take Texas Christian -17.5 against a crappy SMU team. The Hornded Frogs can score some points, but more importantly, they don't allow many. All they'll need is 31+ from their offense in order to comfortably cover.

The remainder of these games are on Saturday...

3:30 PM - Big Ten Network
Temple Owls @ #23 Penn State Nittany Lions
I don't know much about Temple. I know they beat UConn. And I know PSU hasn't been stellar. But the spread is only 13 points, and Penn State's at home. PSU -13.

3:30 PM - CBS
#1 Alabama Crimson Tide @ #10 Arkansas Razorbacks
This spread opened at 4, then it increased to 7. Considering this is in Fayeteville, I'm going to have to take Arkansas +7.5. Anything less, especially 4, and I'd take Alabama. The Tide will win this game, just not by 8 points.

3:30 PM - NBC
#16 Stanford @ Notre Dame
Stanford -4.5. Notre Dame must have a lot of fans, because it's a joke that they're less than a touchdown underdogs. I know you have a California team playing in South Bend, but you also have a crappy team playing in South Bend that goes by the name of Notre Dame.

7:45 PM - ESPN
#12 South Carolina Gamecocks @ #17 Auburn Tigers
Every part of my brain is telling me to take Auburn, at home, on a Saturday night. They've proven they can win close games, and they've done nothing much wrong so far. But my gut is going with South Carolina +3.

8:00 PM - ABC
#24 Oregon State Beavers @ #3 Boise State Broncos
I'm taking OSU +18. I think this game will feature lots of offense from both sides. Oregon State will never be a threat, but they'll be within 2 touchdowns at the final whistle.

9:00 PM - ESPN2
#22 West Virginia Mountaineers @ #15 LSU Tigers
I'm taking WVU +9.5. Granted, it's a night game in Baton Rouge. Granted, the Mountaineers are "Big East powers," which is like a country bragging about being a "Central African power." It's just not that impressive. That being said, WVU is athletic, and should at least stay in this game.

10:30 PM
#5 Oregon Ducks @ Arizona State Sun Devils
I'm taking Oregon -11. How could you not? I know it's early, and their opponents have been crappy, but the Ducks have outscored opponents by an average of 58 points per game. So I'm taking them -11 against a poor team.