Thursday, March 10, 2005

Wake Up Call

WVU Mountaineers 78
#7 BC Eagles 72

Boston College threw out any chance at a 1, 2 seed and now a 3 would be unlikely. BC threw out playing the first two games of the tournament in nearby Worcester and will now be playing in Boise, or Tuscon, most likely. They played like absolute shit in the 1st half and although they came back in the 2nd half, they still were making big mistakes. They were down 44-22 at halftime and got it within 4 points in the 2nd half but they just didn't have the energy to take the lead. This seems to be a trend at BC. They were on the verge of capturing a Big East title in football and all they had to do was beat lowly Syracuse in Chestnut Hill and they got blown out. They beat WVU with ease twice this season but when it mattered most, they fell. They started the season 20-0 and finished it 4-4 with losses to Villanova, Pitt, Notre Dame, and West Virginia. They don't look like a team ready to do damage in the tournament but maybe, just maybe, this game was a wakeup call for them.