Tuesday, March 02, 2010


In Fort Myers...

The Sox have once again found a way to squeeze some more bucks out of their popularity by building a new Spring Training facility that should be ready by 2012. The centerpiece of the complex will be the "Fenway in Florida," an 11,000 seat ballpark with identical dimensions as Fenway Park. There'll even be a replica Yawkey Way outside of the park.

Who needs a new Major League ballpark with 15,000 new (and cheaper) seats, dozens of luxury boxes, and concourses that don't make you feel like Indiana Jones when you can build an 11,000 seat Spring Training park?

And by the way, this idea comes a mere 14 years after the Yankees built an 11,000 seat Spring Training park in Tampa, which has the exact dimensions as the old Yankee Stadium.

But hey, more money isn't a bad thing. It's just that every story about the Sox building a 50 seat platform hovering above the short-stop makes me wish we had a new ballpark.


Photo Credit:
Boston Red Sox/Lee County