Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The rumor mill is churning at 110% capacity. According to multiple sources, who all cite anonymous sources, the Sox are making a very aggressive push to acquire Roy Halladay.

It's not surprising, Halladay is among the few proven Aces in existance, his contract is up after the 2010 season, and the Blue Jays' new management doesn't think they can compete next year (as JP Riccardi did), and also have little care whether or not Halladay is traded within the AL East.

The Sox have an abundance of minor league talent to offer the Jays, but there's also ample pressure from the fanbase to compete with New York.

It's funny, I remember numerous Sox fans mocking the Yankees and their "$400 million off-season" proclaiming that Sabathia would break down and Teixeira would choke in New York a-la-A-Rod. 7 months later and now Sox fans want the team to spare no expense to compete with the Yankees.

I wouldn't make too much of these rumors. I'm sure the Sox are negotiating for Halladay, but the notion that they're pursuing him any "harder" than normal is ludicrous. It's all intentional leaks to the media to appease the fanbase. It makes us all happy to imagine Theo Epstein and associates barking on the phone to Toronto, going sleepless for 4 days trying to get this deal done.