Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It's almost a sure thing if you go to a Sox/O's series in Baltimore, that you'll see the Sox win. And if you want to boost the odds, go when Jon Lester is pitching.

Lester improved to 3-1 in June with a 1.80 ERA, combining for a shutout with Delcarmen, Okajima, Ramirez, and Papelbon. He struck out 8, but managed his pitch count brilliantly, going deeper into the game than he's gone since June 12th, which I think was the last time I saw the sun.

JD Drew was a double shy of the cycle. He hit in the leadoff spot and did a very good job.

Mike Lowell missed another game. He's up in Boston getting lubricant injected into his hip. A DL stint is possible.

Jonathan Papelbon registered his 19th Save. It was one of those BS Saves. He got 1 out with 2 men on base, so since the tying run was on deck, it's a Save.

John Smoltz makes his second start in a Red Sox uniform. I think he'll be a lot calmer, and will build on those last few innings he threw in Atlanta. He's also facing 3-2 Rich Hill and his 6.03 ERA, which helps.


Photo Credit:
AP Photo/Nick Wass