Friday, December 02, 2005


Why is this whole thing a story? Why are the Red Sox paying ANY attention to an inanimate object? I guess everything is A-OK on Yawkey Way and the Sox brass are simply bored. It isn't as if we have a free agent center fielder demanding more money than he's worth. It isn't as if we have a power hitting left fielder demanding a trade. It isn't as if we still have a lackluster pitching staff. It isn't as if we don't have a GM.

I guess this is the type of stuff that's important to the Red Sox orgnization. The Sox are actually going to court in an effort to bring the game winning World Series ball back to Boston. I wish this was a joke story. It really shows what the Red Sox organization is all about: pathetic symbolic displays. If they spent half as much time as they do on this baseball and on making up nicknames for the Yankees, we might actually have a General Manager.

t's a friggin' baseball people! It is no different from any other. The '04 World Series was such a joke anyway that the first baseball used in it, in my opinion, was the game winning ball. And let's look at things from Mientkiewciz's side. Do you think anything as great as that moment has happened to him on the field? The only thing that comes close is when he won the Gold Medal in the Olympics. Do you think anything as special as ending the 2004 World Seriesl will ever happen to him on the baseball field? I know I don't.

So let's move on and focus on baseball, not a baseball.