Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hyzdu Traded for Neal Story
Adam Hyzdu is probably best remembered by Sox fans as the answer to the question "Whos is that guy in the Sox dugout that Fox keeps showing during the playoffs?"

Blaine Neal is a 28 year old righthander who made 40 appearances last year with the Padres. He had an ERA of 4.07. He had a very good K/BB ratio of 36 to 11 (about 3.3 to 1). I think he'll be a decent addition at the end of the bullpen or down in Pawtucket in case someone gets hurt.

With the 4 man rotation the Sox look to be going with for the first 2 weeks of the season, the bullpen might look like this:

CP Keith Foulke
RP Mike Timlin
RP Alan Embree
RP John Halama
RP Blaine Neal
RP Matt Mantei

The Celtics have lost 2 straight to poor teams, the Knicks and the Bulls. They're still in good shape to win the division but they need to have a better record than the 6 seed if they want home court advantage in the 1st round.

BC barely beat Mercyhurst in the 1st round of the NCAA Hockey Tournament, 5-4. BU lost to North Dakota 4-0. Colorodo College beat Colgate 6-5. Michigan beat Wisconsin 4-1. My bracket for the other tournament is officially fucked.

Virtually Pissed in a Virtual Waiting Room

I'm a member of Red Sox Nation's online thingy with the Red Sox. They say I can enter for an exclusive opportunity to win a chance to buy Green Monster seats. So I enter and "win." Now I'm in a virtual waiting room. I know I'm not going to get Sox/Yanks tickets but I'd like to sit up in the Monster. I really think the Red Sox should develop a system like they have for European soccer teams. The more tickets you buy, the higher priority you are to get more tickets. It rewards loyal fans/customers. Or maybe they could just build a new stadium. Don't you think its a funny coincidence that every time they build new seats at Fenway, they're $50 to $300 a piece? I'm pretty sure they could build an overhang over the bleachers and sell those for $15 a pop and maybe more people could go to the games and more people could afford to go to games. As it is, it looks like the only Sox games I'm going to this year will be in Cooperstown, Baltimore, New York, Philly, and maybe Chicago.