Saturday, May 26, 2007


The Red Sox put up 10 runs in support of Matsuzaka. Daisuke pitched well until the 4th, when he allowed 5 runs to score, giving up the lead. But the Sox came back in the 5th to retake it, they then added 4 more in the 6th on their way to a 10-6 victory in Texas last night.

Daisuke was experiencing nausea before and during the game, apparently a symptom of some sort of stomach flu. After his 5 innings, he received IV treatment in the clubhouse for fluid replenishment.

Terry Francona said:

"When he was throwing up, that was a pretty good indication he wasn't feeling too well. But he kind of gathered himself and went after it."

Apparently Daisuke had to puke a few times in between innings. There was no bloody sock, but this was a semi-heroic performance. Hell, I can't even play wiffle ball with a stuffy nose.

The offense picked up Daisuke. Eight of the nine starters had hits, and the only one who didn't was Mike Lowell. Lowell, however, worked three walks. Everyone but JD Drew knocked in a run. Everyone except Pedroia scored a run. The Sox had 17 baserunner, but only left 5 on base. And only 2 of those 5 were left in scoring position.

Meanwhile, the bullpen performed adequately, only allowing 1 run in 4 innings of relief. In the 9th we had to use Papelbon for the 3rd straight time in a non-Save situation. Innings like that, with a 4 run lead, are when you miss a healthy and effective Mike Timlin who can go in and get the last 3 outs.

The Man of the Game is David Ortiz who went 2 for 4 with a double, a run, an RBI, and a walk.

Honorable Mentions go to:
Julio Lugo: 1/5, 2 RBI, run, 2 SBs (Lugo leads the league in RBI for a leadoff hitter)
Manny Ramirez: 2/4, 2B, RBI, run, BB

The win assures that the Red Sox will not be swept. The only time the Sox have been swept this year was a 2 game series in Fenway against Toronto.

The Yankees lost 10-6 to the Angels, the Orioles fell 3-2 against Oakland, and Toronto lost 4-3 to the Twins. The Sox are 10.5 games up in the East

Wakefield against Padilla tonight.

This was my 500th post on this blog. Yay!