Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This is Part 1 of a series of posts analyzing the Patriots' off-season needs, concerns, and possessions; position-by-position.

What is there to say about the QB of the New England Patriots that hasn't already been said? The MVP of the League had one of the greatest years in NFL history last season. But as we saw in the Super Bowl, he is human. And as a human, susceptible to injury and fatigue, he needs to be backed up.

I think the Patriots should find a veteran to back up Tom Brady. Matt Cassel (turns 26 in May, last started a game when he was a senior in high school) and Matt Gutierrez (turns 24 in June) are adequate backups, but having a dependable veteran on the bench in case Brady gets hurt would be a comforting thought.

This has absolutely no chance of happening, but how awesome would it be if Drew Bledsoe came out of retirement and became the backup QB? This won't happen, but it's still a fun thought.

It will be difficult to find another guy like Vinny Testaverde, or Doug Flutie. But if Belichick and Pioli can pinpoint a veteran they want, said veteran will probably play for peanuts.

Quarterback is perhaps the strongest position on the team, but also the most shallow. If Brady gets hurt, this team is done for. The Patriots aren't desperate for QB help with two young players behind Brady. But every position can always improve.