Friday, April 15, 2005


What a scumbag. OK, the fan who reached over should have been tossed from Fenway, and the Red Sox really need to consider doing something about the morons in thr RF Box seats reaching over into the field of play. Perhaps a 3 or 4 foot chain link fence like that one that protects the bullpen from the bleachers would be in order.

Sheffield should have also been tossed from the game. He should be suspended. I understand why he was upset, but he nearly swung at a fan. This guy was being stupid, but not malicious and the steroid aided Gary Sheffield against this guy in a fight would have been a complete mismatch.

Fenway Park security, which I malign often as the Red Sox Gestapo, did a VERY good job at keeping the situation a controversial incident and not something very ugly. That one security guard who jumped in between Sheffield and the guy should get a big bonus.

Now to the game. This one shouldn't have been close but the Sox were able to overcome some horrendous calls and win the game. Arroyo got squeezed pretty harshly on some big calls. The Yankees never shouldv'e gotten the 4 runs they did in that inning. Arroyo did pretty well to keep his composure afterwards though.

Something lost in this game is the way the Red Sox hit Johnson. This is his second straight start allowing 5 runs.

The Man of the Game is Edgar Renteria who did nicely pulling the ball going 2 for 4 with a double off the wall and a homer over it. He knocked in 3 runs.

The Red Sox only left 2 men on base.