Monday, December 14, 2009


What did we learn in yesterday's 20-10 victory? We learned that the Panthers suck. We learned that Adalius Thomas is only on the roster because his dismissal would result in a salary cap hit. And we learned that Randy Moss has been lost.

If not for some fortuitous penalties, this game would have been closer, and perhaps lost. If not for John Fox's decision to try a 53 yard field goal into the wind, the outcome may have been different.

This Patriots team didn't come out with much fire. Some players did. Brady was good as always. Wes Welker's on a mission. Ben Watson was great. Mayo, Jarvis Green, Wilfork, Warren, and even Burgess were all solid.

But this is like watching Eight Men Out (the movie about the 1919 White Sox), when half the team is throwing World Series games and the other half tries even harder in an effort to win.

Randy Moss is a saboteur. He's lazy. He may be injured, but what kind of Manny Ramirez style injury causes a player to go full speed on one play, then lallygag on the next? He was responsible for Brady's INT, and he fumbled the ball himself. So not only is he showing up late, and taking plays off, but now he's HURTING the team.

I was hoping he'd play with a fire lit under his ass, but he's still Randy Moss. And I'm thrilled I never bought a #81 jersey, because I think they'll be hitting the discount rack at the Pro Shop real soon.

Carolina sucks. The Patriots played weakly and beat a bad team in bad weather. But the same old problems are all still there.

And I have a bad feeling the Patriots are going to lose next weekend in Buffalo.


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