Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Roger Clemens has stated, essentially, that he has five choices. He will play for Houston, the Rangers, the Yankees, the Red Sox, or he won't play at all. The Red Sox seem poised to make a big move to sign Roger Clemens. According to Gerry Callahan, they've prepared a video presentation for Clemens that includes Sox fans imploring him to return to Boston. What the Red Sox need to do, and the video is part of this, is to make it clear to Roger that if he comes back here, he will be treated properly. They need to make clear that the reign of Dan Duquette is long since over. They need to make it clear that most of the fans here will love him if he returns. They need to make it clear that he will be paid a proper salary.

If we get Roger Clemens, we're definately contenders to win it all. The Red Sox should spare no expense in bringing him here. He would complete our rotation. We'd have him, Schilling, Clement, Wakefield, and Beckett. That is a very good rotation. Furthermore, we could move Arroyo to the pen or keep Papelbon in there.

This is ludicrous, but maybe we should even retire the number 21 just to show him that we want him on this team.