Friday, November 05, 2010


I have no idea how Randy Moss will work out for the Titans. But it's likely to work out better than his tenure with the Vikings.

When Moss was traded to Minnesota, everyone thought it was a great deal for them. Even I, who defended Belichick's decision to trade Moss, felt like the Vikings would also benefit from the deal. How could we have been so dumb?

Moss was walking into a situation that was already tumultuous. The Vikings were 1-2, had a quarterback embroiled in an off-the-field sexting scandal, and one of the most dunderheaded head coaches in the League. They went 1-3 with Moss, and it was mostly the fault of their QB and their coach.

But Moss would also be sharing targets with the likes of Harvin and Shiancoe. And Randy, like most diva WRs, does not share well.

The Titans, on the other hand, don't need Moss to dazzle. They just need him to play. Even with Kenny Britt healthy, Moss would be their #1 target. The Titans haven't quite figured out their QB situation, but that's much better than having a prima donna under center. Then there's Jeff Fisher, one of the most respected coaches in the game. The Vikings were a constant tug-of-war between QB and coach. The Titans are Jeff Fisher's team. No doubt about it.

If Randy misses New England, he's in a slightly more similar location now. The Titans are contenders. At 5-3 they're 1/2 game behind the Colts for 1st, and would be a playoff team if the season ended today. The Titans also have the best point differential in the NFL.

In Minnesota, Moss was a fire on a sinking ship. He was the broken windshield wiper on a car with no brakes. Disaster was imminent with or without him, but he didn't help things either.

In Tennessee, he can contribute, be productive, get catches, make plays, and possibly earn a contract. And if he doesn't, the Titans lose absolutely nothing by cutting him loose.

The Patriots didn't need Randy Moss, and were unwilling to risk his antics. They got rid of the tumor before it became a tumor. He could only hurt the Patriots.

And the Vikings were a complete mess with or without Moss, who was just another clown in a circus out there. He couldn't help the Vikings.

But the Titans have room for improvement. They could use Randy Moss, but they still don't need him. They have direction, leadership, a team identity. He can only help the Titans.