Sunday, October 09, 2005


We needed this win as desperately as you can need a Week 5 win. With Harrison, Bruschi, and Seymour out, along with Poole and Gay, the Patriots were forced to make some serious adjustments. We were fortunate not to have to go against Mike Vick, but Matt Schaub is no slouch. Even when the Falcons were down 14-0, he was still confident and capable and kept his team in the game all day long.

We won this game mostly because of Corey Dillon. He was dependable enough to give the ball to and Brady really played off the run really well. He got the ball to start evert first half posession except the last one and every time, he got 5 or more yards. It is pivitol to get those first yards to open up the playbook on 2nd and 3rd downs. Dillon ran for 106 yards on 23 carries. He also caught 2 passes for 13 yards. He never got into the end zone, but he got the ball close enough.

Daniel Graham had a huge breakout game as well. He had 5 catches for 119 yards and a TD. His comrade at tight end, Ben Watson, had a TD pass but his day was marred by offensive pass interference penalties.

Deion Branch returned to the spotlight with 8 grabs for 107 yards. Overrall, Brady hit 9 different receivers which speaks to our depth and his ability to find the open guy.

Patrick Pass had a solid day seeing some time at halfback due to the injury to Faulk. He ran 6 times for 34 yards, including a touchdown.

Brady had a nice day throwing for 350 yards, 3 TDs, and a tipped INT. He was able to exploit holes made in the Falcons defense and rose above alot of penalties on the offensive line and on Ben Watson.

Adam Vinatieri. Those two words have replaced the words "clutch" f the US World Cup team needs a penalty kick, they should call on Adam Vinatieri cuz he just doesn't miss when it matters most.

The defense looked really well most of the time. Even without Seymour, they were able to pressure Schaub, and stop Vick at the line. It was nice to see some gang tackling again which is how we stopped Pittsburgh's big runners in the playoffs last year. If Shaub hadn't been so mobile and surprisingly cool under pressure, the defense would have racked up some sacks and possibly some picks. Credit to Shaub for rising above it.

It was a good win, but the problems that have plagued us all season were all too apparent. Too many stupid penalties, an inability to tackle on defense, an occasional inability to protect Brady's blind side, and failure to capitalize on mistakes. We played well enough to win, but we can play better. Now, its on to Denver.


Michael Vick is the only name on the Falcons injury list, but his name is next to "Out." The Pats injury list is a selection of offensive and defensive players. Seymour, Kevin Faulk, and Matt Light are all out. LBs Tully Banta-Cain and Matt Chatham are questionable. CBs Randall Gay, Tyrone Poole, Duane Starks, and Chad Scott are questionable. SS James Sanders, DE Marquise Hill, and OT Brad Gorin are questionable. WR/KR Bethel Johnson is questionable. Tom Brady is probable and he'd probably better have an amazing day if we have any prayer of winning.

Even without Vick, the Falcons will still try to run the ball all over us. And with no Bruschi, Johnson, Harrison, or Seymour, this shouldn't be too difficult. With an injured secondary and a defensive line that has failed to put much pressure on opposing QBs, the Falcons will also be able to pass deep on us, too.

If we can win this game on the road, I think we will make a statement to the League that we aren't done and we can still win tough games. If we can win this one and win at Denver, we'll go into the much needed bye week with a 4-2 record. Certainly not terrible considering our schedule has been immensely difficult and our injuries have piled up like a snowball.

I've just heard that Tyrone Poole is out of the game, too. This could be a terrible weekend for Boston sports.