Sunday, April 24, 2005


Good to see offense and pitching show up and beat Tampa. I was forced to listen to the D-Rays announcers while driving back to school on XM Radio and they were laughably homerish. "For world champions, these Red Sox are acting like a bunch of bush leaguers." This coming from announcers for the Tampa Bay Double As. The situation would have ended if Carter had not thrown near Ortiz after throwing behind Manny. I thought Arroyo was foolish for continuing it knowing that he would get ejected and knowing that he was only 85 pitches deep and had at least another inning in him.

The Man of the Game is Johnny Damon who jump started alot of offense going 4 for 5 with a double, a walk, 2 runs, and 2 RBI.

The Sox go back home to Fenway for three games and then fly down to Dallas to play the Rangers. Why the schedule makers decided to do this, I have no idea.

Round 3, Pick 100
G/T Nick Kaczur, Toldeo
Like Mankins, this guy can play two offensive line positions and will be a candidate to take Andruzzi's spot.

Round 4, Pick 133
S James Saunders, Fresno State
Big surprise, the Pats draft a player who can "cover and hit." He's said to be a really smart player. Should fit in nicely

Round 5, Pick 170
OLB Ryan Claridge, Nevada-Las Vegas
Looking for LB help obviously with Phifer gone, Bruschi an unkown and Johnson another year older.

Round 7, Pick 230
QB Matt Cassell, Southern California
You got me on this one. We're good at QB and this guy was a backup in college. Granted, he backed up the Heisman winner. Still, weird.

Round 7, Pick 255, Mr. Irrelevant
TE Andy Stokes, William Penn
Who cares?