Thursday, January 12, 2006


The Red Sox probably aren't going to have an amazing offense next season, but they will be in a lot of games thanks to their pitching, particularly the revamped bullpen. The Sox just signed righthanded releiver Julian Tavarez. You may remember Tavarez from his Game 1 loss in the 2004 World Series.

Julian is a guy that is capable of making a lot of appearances. He's made 151 in the past 2 seasons for the Cardinals. He's pitched 213.2 innings over the past 3 seasons. Before being a releiver, he was a starter so his arm has durability. He's also saved 19 games over the past 3 seasons so he is capable of finishing a game here or there. He doesn't give up the long ball, allowing only 8 homeruns in the past 3 seasons. Over the past 2 seasons, he's struck out 2.5 times as many men as he's walked. His ERA over the past 3 years is a nice 3.21. Before then he struggled but that was in mixed duties as starter and releiver. I think he adds a good deal of depth to the bullpen and giving Francona another option late in the game is always a good thing.

I know, we still need a center-fielder, but at least we've got some pitching now. And frnakly, 'd rather have pitching than hitting. Of course, I'd rather have both than just one.