Sunday, September 25, 2005


Was there a single Orioles fan in Camden Yards? What a nerve wracking game. It's true that the Red Sox may have gotten away with one, but how many times has Baltimore beaten us by a run because we couldn't capitalize on scoring opportunities? Or Tampa or Toronto. What's important, is that we're tied with New York with 8 games left in the season. We play 1 in Balto then 7 in Boston. Tomorrow, David Wells, with a bad knee, takes the mound against John Maine. Both starters are coming off bad outings. Wells has since taken a cortisone shot, Maine hasn't. Advantage: Wells.

After finishing with the O's, the Red Sox host the pesky Blue Jays for 4 days in Fenway. Then its the Big Series with New York.

To anyone who has been pessimistic about the Sox the past few weeks and scared of the Yankees, remember a few things. We were looking pretty pathetic last postseason, particularly when we lost 19-8 in Game 3. The Yankees are on a tear, but they've been an incredibly streaky team this year. They've gone on similar tears throughout the season. All of a sudden they'll start winning games then just as quickly, they'll revert to being a below average team. On the long run, this has resulted in them being a good team, but in the short run they can either be unbeatable, or incredibly easy to beat.

We can win this, and if we play as well as we are capable of, we will win this.

Just a side note, does anyone else think it is odd that the Red Sox ban the "Yankees Suck" shirts right around the same time Kevin Millar comes up with the motto of the 2005 Red Sox and it is "Fuck Everybody."