Friday, August 29, 2008


Josh Beckett is reportedly "fine." At least that's what Dr. James Andrews said after seeing him in Alabama. Beckett had to be scratched from the lineup for tonight's series opener against Chicago due to tingling and numbness in his arm. He hasn't pitched since August 17th, and has struggled at times this season.

JD Drew had an epidural and is feeling better, which is what an epidural is supposed to do. An epidural is an injection of drugs into the spinal area. This dulls or numbs some forms of back pain.

Sean Casey was placed on the 15 day DL due to a neck strain. It's been bugging him since the 21st. Apparently he can't even swing a bat without pain.

Mark Kotsay may be a possible backup first baseman.



The next time some moron says something like "Brady is just a system quarterback" you can point to the stagnant Patriots offense this preseason as evidence against such a dumb statement. That's about the only good thing to come out of the exhibition season.

The Patriots offense was once again flat, and the defense was - at times - systematically picked apart. But what else do you expect with Brady on the bench? Brady's absence hurts the defense as well. It hurts starting field position and time of possession (last night the Giants had the ball for about 40 minutes, the Pats only 20), which can drain a defense's energy before it even takes the field.

But the good news is that Brady should be back under center next Sunday against the Chiefs.

Some more good news is that rookies Jerod Mayo and Shawn Crable look pretty good, and both seem to have tons of potential. John Lynch looks healthy and full of energy, playing most of last night's game and registering 8 tackles.

An 0-4 preseason is hardly a good sign for a team. Cleveland is the only other side that will be winless. But the Pats could have easily forced overtime in their 16-15 loss against Baltimore. They were 2-2 in last year's preseason, before rattling off 18 straight wins. The last time they won the Super Bowl - 2004 - the Pats had a 1-3 preseason. And that was with Mr. Brady starting games.

By Saturday, the Pats will shave their roster to 53, and as mentioned above, the real season starts September 7th at Gillette against the Chiefs, who were 4-12 last year.


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