Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Spring time is nearing. The days are getting longer, the Sox are down in Fort Myers, February is nearly finished, and soon the flowers will bloom and bunnies will hop around etcetera. But the first true sign that Spring is upon is isn't Spring Training, nor is it that the weather is getting warmer. We all know Spring is coming because Manny Ramirez is doing something confusing, he's being Manny.

Almost everyone is down in Fort Myers, training for the exhibition season as a team. But Manny is two hours away, wit his mother. She has just had some surgery, and understandably, Manny is spending some time with her. Not so understandably, the team and the rest of Red Sox Nation found out through Julian Tavarez. Last year, Manny, and the Sox, announced that he would not arrive at Fort Myers until March 1st. This year, Manny told Julian Tavarez that he would not be in Fort Myers until March 1st.

Manny Ramirez needs a handler, someone who will speak for him in the media, and advise him on what to do and what not to do. This is not something to do. After laying down at the end of last season, the proper thing to do, if one wants to prove that they didn't lie down, is not to be late for training. And if you are going to be late, announce it as soon as possible. You gain no sympathy from your teammates, your coaches, or your fans, if you call up your buddy Julian and tell him to tell everyone else that you'll be late.

What does a guy like Dustin Pedroia think when this BS happens? How about Daisuke Matsuzaka? There's only so much Manny Being Manny that a team can take.