Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Celtics 86 76ers

105-98. Pierce had a great night with 27 points, 13 boards, 4 assists, a pair of steals and a blocked shot. This was a big road win for the Celtics. Despite the 76ers getting tons of favorable calls and non-calls, the Celtics were able to pull it out. With 5 games left, the Celtics are 3 up in the division and if they win 3 of those 5 games, they will win the division no matter what Philadelphia does.

The Celtics have a road game against the 29-48 Milwaukee Bucks. They then host the #1 seed Miami Heat on the 15th. They then go on the road to play Toronto and Cleveland. They end the season on the 20th against the Nets in Boston. They should definately be able to get wins against Milwaukee and Toronto and they should be able to beat either New Jersey or the Cavs.

1. I'm not pissed Pedro wasn't there because his new team had their Opening Day on Monday as well. It would have been a slap to the face if he hadn't been at Shea.

2. I have no problem with D-Lowe or Dave Roberts wearing Sox jerseys over their shirts. If they still played in the AL it may have been a slap to the face to their teams, but as it is, I doubt the Dodgers and Padres will have much of a qualm with them participating in the Red Sox celebration as they did.

Schilling will return against the Yankees tomorrow night. I cannot wait.