Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Ever since the 1st inning at Yankee Staidum a few weeks ago, Wells has been nearly solid. The Reds have a pretty good offense and Wells was able to combine with Timlin and Foulke to allow only 1 hit.

Predictably, the Red Sox were able to hit off the Reds staff last night and the night before. Things may change tonight as the Sox face Aaron Harang. Only two guys on the Sox have faced him alot. Olerud is 3 for 10 against him with a double. Renteria is 1 for 8. Manny is 1 for 3 but that 1 hit is a homerun. Manny could be 2 for 3 off him but Terrence Long robbed him of a homer a few years back. The Sox usually struggle against guys we haven't seen that much of and this is a guy we haven't seen that much of. Our starters only have 20 combined ABs against him.

The Man of the Game for Monday's 10-3 victory is Manny Ramirez who went 2 for 5 with 3 RBI and 2 runs scored. He had a double and a homer.

The Man of the Game for Tuesday's 7-0 win is David Wells who went 7 scoreless, one-hit innings. He did uncharacteristically walk 2 men but I think we should let that slide.

When I first heard about this story, I was a little confused. It seemed kind of silly to officially name something with a name that no-one uses. Peskey's Pole and the Green Monster weren't officially named. The nicknames developed naturally. A few people started calling them these things and it caught on. This whole pole business is another story. I think the ownership is trying to create more mystique at Fenway Park than there really is. I doubt they would be doing this if they were still unclear as to whether or not they were staying at Fenway,

Don't you think it's kind of sad to be honoring a man who hit a homerun in a World Series in which we choked horribly to lose? Nothing against Fisk, but the 1975 Red Sox choked and lost Game 7 of the series. I don't think we should be remembering this fondly.

The New York Yankees are going to have their own new stadium. It will have three times as many luxury boxes as Yankee Stadium. The city will be building larger parking facilities, a new train station, and a ferry terminal. The way the Yankees are paying for the stadium will result in lower revenue sharing payments to MLB. The Yankees will no longer have to cut the city of New York in on staidum revenues. The Yankees will be able to sell state-of-the art luxury boxes at very high prices. They're going to be able to spend alot more money. The luxury boxes alone will bring them millions of dollars more each year. Meanwhile, we'll be in Fenway and the ownership will be trying to scrounge another $50,000 by adding rows of seats right up to the catcher and umpire.