Monday, October 20, 2008


The Bruins completed their 4 game road trip with a 4-2 victory in Ottawa, in a game that, despite nobody in Boston watching, actually did happen.

The victory capped a successful expedition against some quality opponents. Colorado, Minnesota, Montreal, and Ottawa all made the playoffs last year. Minnesota and Montreal won their divisions, and the Habs had the best regular season record in the East. So 2-1-1 is a good way to kick things off against those kinds of teams.

Last night in Ottawa, Marc Savard reprised his role from last year as an assist monster, helping out on 3 goals. Phil Kessel has been much keener on the ice, and it's showing in the stat column. He's got 4 goals in 4 games, and seems to improve every game.

The B's are still screwing around with Manny Fernandez being the 1A goalie, instead of giving Tim Thomas the majority of the time. I guess it worked out last night, as the Bruins won, but that was thanks mostly to the defense, and the 4 goals. Fernandez only faced 23 shots, and he let 2 of them slip by. Not horrible, but hardly good enough to justify all the starting time he'll get the next few weeks.

The Bruins will be the final NHL team to have their home opener, as they host the mighty Pittsburgh Penguins Monday night. Once again, the TV ratings gods are against them, as they face the Patriots game.


Photo Credits:
AP Photo/The Canadian Press,/Sean Kilpatrick