Tuesday, September 14, 2010


What a great weekend for Pats fans. Not only did the Patriots win, but the Colts lost, and the Jets lost. I don't mind the Chargers or Favre's Vikings losing either.

Mark Sanchez may have plenty of talent. But talent is about 10% of being a quality NFL quarterback. The rest of it is poise, decision making, awareness. So until The Sanchize shows some of these "intangibles," can we not give him credit for being anything but a subpar player? 10 for 21 for 74 yards last night. Of the 6 Jet first downs (not a typo, they got 6 first downs), only 2 came from the pass.

Then throw in the story of the Mexican reporter getting verbally harassed by Jet players AND coaches, and maybe people will start to realize that the undisciplined, snack happy atmosphere fomented by Fatasaurus Rex is better suited for reality TV, and not an NFL team.

Granted, she's ridiculously hot, and not a traditional reporter. Nevertheless, she's a member of the media, not a stripper. Somehow, every other NFL team has managed to treat her like a reporter.