Sunday, October 23, 2005


The Bruins beat the pathetic Pittsburgh Penguins last night 6-3. Once again, the Bruins showed how easily they can score goals with 4 in the 2nd period, and also showed how easily they allow goals. The Bruins changed up their lines and seemed to be less agressive on offense in order to prevent odd man rushes going the other way. They need to do something as they are 0-5-0 within the Northeast Division.

You've all heard that Tedy Bruschi is making an effort to return to the Patriots this season. I have no problem with this so long as it is safe for him to do so. It seems that it is safe for him to play football again. If he did come back and play, and is effective, it will be like Curt Schilling pitching on the bad ankle times 1,000.

I think Bruschi, if he's effective, can help out our defense, but I'm not expecting him to be a savior. He adds another dimension on the pass rush, run defense, and pass defense in the middle, but he still can't go out and defend against the deep ball, which is what has been hurting us.

Bruschi does have a nack for coming up with a huge play when we need it most. His INT 2 seasons ago against Miami in the blizzard game comes to mind along with countless other tackles for losses, forced fumbles, INTs, and big hits. We've really lacked big plays on defense which were keys to our Super Bowl seasons. Tedy can also provide an emotional spark on a defense that has lost leaders like Rodney Harrison and Richard Seymour to injury.

Dale Svuem is finally gone. I liked Svuem as a coach, and a guy in the clubhouse, and I'm sure he's a nice guy, but I didn't like him when he was standing in the 3rd base coach's box. He wasn't fired either! He took a job with Milwaulkee so he could be close to his family during Spring Training. I'm shocked that he was never fired considering how much the Red Sox front office bases their policies on sports radio (See: banning of Yankees Suck shirts, the Gestappo behind home plate that prevents you from talking on a cel phone, et cetera).

Svuem's replacement is DeMarlo Hale, a former Sox player and farm system manager. Hale led our AA affiliate, then the Trenton Thunder to a 92-50 first place finish in 1999. Then he was not promoted to AAA manager and the void in Pawtucket was filled elsewhere. Hale, understandably upset with the organisation, left and became a coach with the Rangers. He's been on the same staff as Francona in Texas and was even interviewed by the Red Sox for the vacant managerial job left by the Grady Little fiasco. It's nice that Hale can get over the bad blood he had with the previous organization and join the new regime.

Boston College moved up in the polls this weekend without even having to play a game. #10 Texas Tech was demolished by #2 Texas 52-17 so the Red Raiders fell way back in the polls. BC is now 11th in the Coaches' poll, behind Notre Dame, Florida State, LSU, UCLA, Miami, Alabama, Georgia, Virginia Tech, Texas and USC. Three of the four highest ranked ACC teams were all taken from the Big East and all four are relatively recent additions to the conference. The highest Big East team is West Virginia at 17th. All other Big East teams are unranked, but Louisville would probably be #26 if it was a ranking. In the AP Poll, the Eagles are ranked 13th behind Penn State and Ohio State. BC might also be able to move up in the BCS poll that comes out tomorrow as Texas Tech was ranked 7th.

Boston College faces their toughest test of the season and the best team in the ACC, their old foe the Virginia Tech Hokies. It's a Saturday night game down in Blacksburg. Virginia Tech is looking to remain undefeated and should have a little bit of fire in them as they played Maryland pretty close until finally pulling away. If BC can somehow pull off te upset, they will most definately surge in the polls, and if FSU loses another conference game, Boston College will win their division and play in the ACC title game. BC will probably lose though. VT is just too dam good.