Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It took nearly 5 hours and 15 innings to decide, but the 2008 All-Star Game was won by the AL 4-3. Michael Young ended the game with a 1 out bases loaded sac-fly.

JD Drew was the stand out among the Boston representation. He was 2 for 4 with a 2 run homer, a walk, and a stolen base.

Manny was 0 for 2, Youkilis was 0 for 2, Pedroia was 0 for 1 with a walk. Varitek played, but didn't have an at-bat.

Papelbon pitched in the 8th inning. He allowed an unearned run thanks to Dioner Nivarro's errant throw. Not surprisingly, the scum gathered at Yankee Stadium blamed Papelbon. More on the way the Yankees, their fans, and their media behaved these last few days in a later post.

Sidenote: How awesome were the smirks sported by the Sox players during introductions?

When Young belted that sac-fly in the 15th, the game was quickly approaching the T word. Some things Major League Baseball might consider in order to avoid future scares:

1. If a team doesn't want a pitcher to pitch in the All-Star Game, he shouldn't take up a roster spot. Both Scott Kazmir and Brandon Webb were "emergency" pitchers tonight. Had the game gone to 16 or 17 innings, there's no way Kazmir could have continued. So why not let these unavailable pitchers go to the game, dress, get introduced, but not be on the official roster, just as if they were injured?

2. MLB needs to come up with some sort of Doomsday Emergency Plan for All-Star Games. My proposal would be to select two starting pitchers from the Futures Game. If either team exhausts its pitching staff, BOTH teams will have to bring in the minor league pitchers. Also, after the 12th inning, position players should be allowed to return in case of injury (catchers already can return in such an instance).

Tim McCarver WTF Moments
Introducing a new feature on Boston Blood Sox. Every Sox game on Fox is made funnier/annoying by Tim McCarver and Joe Buck. Now you can relive those awkward, stupid, and ridiculous comments.

After Milton Bradley had the second AL stolen base of the night:

"Milton Bradley has the first AL stolen base of the night."

In the bottom of the 6th, Timmy observed how Josh Hamilton and Edinson Volquez might win the AL MVP and NL Cy Young, respectively. He stated that it "Could very readily happen." I think he needs to learn how to use the word "readily."

It wasn't all bad from McCarver. When the Bronx Scum were chanting "Overrated" to Papelbon (how hilariously ironic is it that Yankee fans were calling someone overrated?). McCarver said of Papelbon "If you think I'm overrated, get a bat."

Yogi Berra was telling McCarver and Buck a story, and mentioned the inconsequential detail that he was in a museum. McCarver interrupted:

"That museum is in Montclair, New Jersey. One of the best museums in the area."

Even Yogi was speechless.

The funniest McCarver Moment came right before the game. McCarver blew my mind with this tie-in:

"From a personal health standpoint, everyone knows you have to have a strong core. And that's what the National League has."


Joe Buck WTF Moments:
Joe Buck's annoying tendency is to overrate everything and everybody. Nothing is ever average or ordinary in Joe Buck's eyes.

When Derek Jeter came up in the 1st, Buck busted out his lovable old chestnut: Since coming into the League, Jeter has done nothing but win." You could say fawning crap like that 7 or 8 years ago, not any more.

In the 10th, Buck was talking about Yankee Stadium, when he made a ludicrous comparison: "The Stadium, which has been like our Colosseum..."

WOW! The Coliseum was the center of Rome's propaganda machine. It was where thousands of people were killed for the entertainment of others. When it was built it was the most impressive structure IN THE WORLD. Yankee Stadium is a ballpark! It's not a cathedral, or a holy place, or the friggin Colosseum! It's a place where baseball is played! That's it.

Finally, the Yankee love fest will simmer down a bit. And how cool is it that a Boston Red Sock won the All-Star Game MVP in Yankee Stadium?


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