Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Theo Epstein will be the Red Sox General Manager. Again. His Grover Cleveland like absence and return will go down in baseball history along with the comings and goings of Billy Martin in the New York Yankees organization.

Theo said there were "fundamental disagreements among members of upper management" about organizational priorities.

"This lack of a shared vision, plus the stress of a far-too-public negotiation, strained some relationships, including mine with Larry Lucchino."

Basically, the Red Sox brass and Theo disagreed on where to go with the team (perhaps it was a large philosophy like pitching versus hitting or younger vs. older or perhaps it was just a bunch of smaller decisions like what to do with Damon, Manny, and the bullpen). Then the negotiations got public (Shaughnessey column) and Theo decided to leave.

Hoyer will be the assistant GM and Cherington will be the VP of player personnel. Theo will also go from senior VP to executive VP.

This whole thing has been insane. Apparently Hoyer and Cherington were told their positions were only temporary until Theo returned. Apparently the Red Sox knew he'd come back all along. I wonder if all of that is actually true.

The Red Sox have been talking with the Indians for a deal for center-fielder Coco Crisp. They reportedly agreed on a deal 2 days ago that would send prospect Andy Marte, who we got for Edgar Renteria; releiver Guillermo Mota, who came along with Mike Lowell in the trade with the Marlins; and long-time AAAA catcher (those four A's are intentional) Kelley Shoppach. We would reportedly be getting young outfielder Coco Crisp, young set-up man David Riske, and young catcher Josh Bard. However, according to, Guillermo failed a physical. If so, that would nullify the deal entirely. However, Mota's agent claims Guillermo didn't fail a physical. Which is true? I have no clue.

Andy Katz, Mota's agent, claims that he didn't fail a physical, but the Indians had some concerns about his shoulder. To me, that is failing. When a person passes a physical for a trade or for the army or for a job, that means that the organization administering the physical has no concerns about that person's ability to get the job done. Obviously, Cleveland has concerns. Obviously, that means Mota failed. The deal will have to be reworked or completely dumped.

If anyone can sort out that mess, it is Theo. It's good to have him back.

In Theo We Trust. Again.