Friday, November 30, 2012

Ignorant College Football Picks*

My picks were 14-9 last week, which brings my season record to a very even 77-75-1. Here are my picks for this weekend's games. Be forewarned, that this post includes pictures of scantily clad females showing school pride.

Stanford -8 vs. UCLA
Stanford did it once, they'll do it again.

Oklahoma State -4.5 @ Baylor
Baylor without RG3 is like Baylor again.

Oklahoma -6 @ TCU
Sooners win these types of games.

UConn +5 vs. Cincinnati
One last time picking the Huskies.

Georgia +8.5 vs. Alabama (Atlanta, GA)
Bama has a good chance of winning this game, I just think it will be tight.

Florida State -14 vs. Georgia Tech (Charlotte, NC)
FSU is really good. GT is only in the ACC title game because UNC and Miami can't be.

Texas +10.5 @ Kansas State
Texas could surprise people.

Nebraska -3 vs. Wisconsin (Indianapolis, IN)
Wisconsin is only in the Big Ten title game because OSU and PSU can't be.

Red Sox Interested in Ryan Dempster

Ryan Dempster is old (turns 36 in May), struggled in the AL last year, and has an astonishingly meiocre career record of 124-124. So is he worth signing? He would add depth to the Red Sox rotation, but would also add salary. Perhaps too much salary. And in his one foray into AL baseball, with Texas last season, he struggled.

The Red Sox are reportedly in talks with him. But Dempster is the type of guy who you add to a rotation that is already good at the top. He's a guy that completes an already good rotation, not a guy who turns around a bad rotation.

The top of the Red Sox rotation is not good. It's got more question marks than The Riddler's wardrobe. Dempster is a decent pitcher, but the price he seems to be commanding on the open market is too high.

The Red Sox are like a fishing boat with plenty of bait, but few fish biting. They shouldn't waste their bait to get medium-sized fish. They should save it for the big ones that will be available in the years to come.