Friday, September 02, 2011

College Football Picks: Week 1

I'm going to once again try picking college football games, with the spread. That way when I'm 30 games under .500 by October, I can blame the spreads. Here are my picks for Week 1:

Baylor +10 vs. TCU
I think Baylor has some talent, TCU lost most of theirs. TCU will win this game, but not by 10.

Northwestern +10 @ Boston College
Northwestern has a good passing game, BC's defense is a little weak against the pass. And with no Montel Harris, the Eagles have no offense.

Notre Dame -7 vs. South Florida
I don't have much faith in a middle of the pack Big East team to go to South Bend and lose by less than a TD.

Oklahoma -23 vs. Tulsa
OU can score a lot of points.

Georgia -3 vs, Boise State (Atlanta)
Big test for both teams to show how much they actually have.

Oregon +3 @ LSU (Arlington, TX)
This will be a fun game to watch, UO's offense vs. LSU's defense. But Oregon has the weapons.

Texas A&M -14 vs. SMU
I think the Aggies are good enough for a BCS bowl, and therefore should handle SMU.