Saturday, May 02, 2009


There was almost no way that Game 7 would live up to the hype and expectations befitting the so-called "Best Series Ever." After 6 games and 7 overtimes, a tired bunch of players wearing red and green did battle with their last ounces of strength. And the Celtics had the character and the will to win it.

The refs were horrible. Apart from Game 6, this may have been the Worst Series Ever for officiating. Doesn't Kirk Hinrich have a reputation as a flopper yet? He's the human version of the butterfly effect. A butterfly flaps its wings in Africa and Hinrich falls over. If he were a hockey player he'd be the Assistant Captain of the Montreal Canadiens.

The bench came through, finally, and unexpectedly. If I told you that the Celtics won Game 7, you'd assume Pierce or Rondo stepped up, or maybe Ray Ray dropped another 50 points. Not that the bench turned things around for the C's in the 2nd quarter. Not that the bench combined for 30 points. Not that Scal had 8 points to get the reserves going. Not that Eddie House was 5 for 5 with 16 points. Marbury only had 2 points, but he looked confident, and was +11. Hell, even Mikki Moore became useful.

But let's not forget the star performers. A visibly hurt/worn out Rondo only had 7 points, but amassed 11 assists. Pierce had a solid 20 points, and was clutch in the 4th. Allen had 23 very timely points.

And how about the game Kendrick Perkins had? A double-double for the big man, with 13 boards, and 14 points.

No more Brad Miller always seeming like he's on the verge of tears. No more Kirk Hinrich having an internal sneeze, spazzing out, and going to the line because of it. No more Joakim Noah's schoolyard routine (how the hell did House get a foul for celebration and Noah doesn't whenever he makes a spectacle of himself?)

The Celtics reminded the NBA and the world why they are The Champions.


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