Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm sick of hearing those Vuvuzela horns. That's the only part about this World Cup that hasn't been spectacular. Look, I know that there's an impetus to promote South African culture during this tournament, but would they allow thousands of bagpipes to play if the World Cup were in Scotland? So ban these instruments of obnoxiousness! Let them play for the games featuring the South African team, but when Germany is playing Australia, I want to hear crowd noises.

USA 1, England 1

The NY Post conjured up an amazing headline Sunday morning: "USA Wins 1-1; Greatest Tie Since Bunker Hill." And while England's goaltending gaffe ultimately allowed for this tie to occur, it was US goalie Tim Howard and some excellent defending that prevented England from making it a 2-0 game.

South Africa 1, Mexico 1
The South Africans experienced a lot of home-team hospitality when a Mexican goal was incorrectly disallowed for an offsides. There's a reason why the host team has always advanced past the group stage.

Uruguay 0, France 0
France simply refused to adjust their offense to Uruguay's defense. Imagine an offensive coordinator that kept calling for HB Dive or HB Slam, even though there are 10 defenders in the box. That's how France dealt with Uruguay's central clogging defense.

South Korea 2, Greece 0

Ever since the '02 World Cup in Korea, these guys have gotten better and better. More and More Koreans are playing for European club teams every season.

Argentina 1, Nigeria 0

An Argentinian with a German last name like Heinze? People who know their history know why that irks me. Argentina willfully became a haven for ex-Nazis after World War II. That's the part of Evita that was edited out.

Slovenia 1, Algeria 0
Slovenia was the first European team to win at the World Cup. How fucking crazy is that? And it was also Slovenia's first win in any major tournament... ever.

Ghana 1, Serbia 0
A stupid handball penalty allowed Ghana to take this pivotal win.

Germany 4, Australia 0

There were lots of questions about Germany's quality in this competition. Those questions remain, because Australia looked awful. Miroslav Klose scored his 49th goal for Germany, and his 11th career World Cup goal, tying him for 5th all-time (the record is 14, held by fellow German Gerd Müller).


  1. You know, before writing nonsense you should check your facts.

    Although it's true that Argentina, being a NEUTRAL country did accept escaped Nazis after WWII, it's also a very well known fact... well maybe not so well known to nearsighted peeps like you... That Argentina was populated by people originating from nearly all European countries, including, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria and other Germanic places. They brought to Argentina their talent, hard work and (gasp!) LAST NAMES. All this was a hundred and fifty years BEFORE WWII too!

    In fact there are entire cities founded by Germans, a great example is a town called Bariloche a very well known ski resort city and vacation spot.

    Argentina also has gained much from the Swiss, like the cheese and chocolate industries. Most of these founders ALSO have (gasp!) German last names.

    In fact, and to shut you up for good. 95% of all Argentinians are EUROPEAN in origin. I was born in Argentina and all of my grandparents are from Europe, to be precise; Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

    So... please don't get upset at Argentinians with German last names, not everything is as dark as you might like to think... get an education before writing about things of which you barely know...

    Try traveling out of your home town, that helps too!

  2. Dude, simmer down. I wasn't accusing Heinze or his ancestors of being Nazis. I have no clue when/where/how his family got to Argentina, nor do I care.

    All of our nation's have done shameful things in the past. Get the fuck over it.

  3. And where did Adolf Eichmann spend his retirement?

  4. It's obvious that you CARE. You wrote it yourself... easy for you to be, as you put it "irked" over Argentinians having German last names! You have no idea of Argentine culture, ancestry, history or background and liberally like to type nonsense on your little blog, where you feel safe and cozy.

    Here's the deal... YOU get over the fact that not all Hispanics look, sound and speak like Pancho Villa and I'll get over the fact that you believe it's odd for Argentinians to be blond, blue eyed and of Germanic/Anglo Saxon ancestry without somehow being tied to escaped war criminals.

  5. You're just making shit up right now. Your nation has a pretty tragic record during WW II. You can be proud of being "neutral" until 28 May '45, but we both now how forgiving your country's fascist government was of SS officials. That's something worthy of acknowledgement, and THEN you can move on.

    My ancestors were German, why the hell would I have a problem with Argentinians who had Germanic ancestry? Your accusations make no sense.

    I made a half-joking remark about an Argentine player with a German last name. These are the kinds of remarks you'll have to endure. I've taken grief for being American, for owning slaves, even though my family wasn't even here yet. So be a man, and deal with it.

    Your country once harbored Nazi war criminals. Get over it.

  6. Yes, true.. and YOUR country slaughtered hundred of thousands of civilians with two atomic weapons.
    Recently invaded and occupied Iraq, which had nothing to do with 911.

    Who gives a fuck about that. Right?

    Pick on third world countries, manipulate their leaders, push them to extremes then blame them for being extremists when things go wrong giving the USA an excuse to meddle even further and invade foreign territory.


  7. Stop wasting time here and plot your next invasion of the Falklands.

  8. Anonymous10:31 AM

    The record is held by Ronaldo at 15.