Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Jonathan Papelbon had a rare lapse Monday afternoon, allowing his 2nd earned run of the season, as well as his 2nd blown save of the season. The Sox blew a 6 run lead in the final 3 innings of the game.

In the 12th, the Sox fell behind and were 1 out away from a devastating loss. Crisp had doubled, but was unable to advance. Youkilis, who has had a good number of clutch hits for us this season, knocked him home with a single. Kevin smartly advanced to 2nd on the throw home. Ortiz hit a single to knock in Youk and win the game 8-7. It was the 9th straight win for the Sox.

Now we face a real test, one of the best teams in baseball, the New York Metropolitans. Lester goes tomorrow for win #3 against Alay Soler. Josh Beckett goes against Pedro on Wednesday. Billerica's Tom Glavine goes against Curt Schilling in the final game. Glavine is 11-2 this year.

A few weeks ago, Damon returned to Boston and was booed by a significant number of fans at Fenway Park. Now, I wasn't against the booing of Damon, although I wasn't necessarily for it. However, if a large number of fans boo Pedro, I think it will be a shame.

Pedro was on the team for a longer time than Damon. Pedro was with us for 7 years, Damon for 4. Pedro suffered with guys like Mark Portugal backing him up in the rotation, and Chad Fox blowing saves for him. Damon had Ortiz, and Ramirez knocking him in.

For years, Pedro Martinez WAS the Boston Red Sox. In 98, he was the only pitcher to win a game in the post-season for us. In 99, he was 2-0 in the playoffs with 17 scoreless innings, and the only win against the Yankees in the entire 1999 post-season. He won 117 games for us in his career and we should always be grateful for that.

He left the team, for more money and a chance to be the #1 starter elsewhere. However, he never promised to never play for the Mets. Damon did promise to never play for the Yankees. Pedro made it pretty clear that whatever team gave him the best offer, he would pitch for them.

Pedro shouldn't get booed. If he does, it will be a small and ignorant segment of Red Sox Nation that has difficulty liking players that have accents, or it will be a group of moronic Red Sox fans that think Kevin Millar and Brian Daubach were great players.