Sunday, May 17, 2009


What a difficult stretch of days for sports in Boston. It's kind of sad when the Revolution tying the Colorado Rapids is the highlight of the weekend.

Mixed feelings for me tonight. From one angle, the Celtics losing both Games 6 and 7 is disappointing, and could be considered a mild choke. From the other angle, the Celtics wouldn't have had a chance to choke if Orlando had not choked so awfully before them.

In other words, both of these teams lacked a killer instinct, but someone had to win, and it was Orlando. May God have mercy on their souls after LJ23 and the Cavs kill them and their families.

So much to criticize in this one...

The officials continued to allot double the personal fouls for Dwight Howard to commit.

The bench was awful. Eddie House had 2 points. Scalabrine sucks folks. Sorry, I know he's white and looks like Ronald McDonald with a head band, but he sucks.

Glen Davis can't score 22 every night. Paul Pierce can and should. He only had 16 points, and most of those came when the game was already decided in the 4th quarter.

But when you think about it, this Celtics team wasn't going to take 4 games from Cleveland. They could have stolen one, maybe even two, but that's it. Sorry C's fans, but once the Bruins were eliminated, there wasn't going to be a parade.

Now the Red Sox can once again draw our attention, and now with even more pressure to win another title because soon it will have been more than 1 year since we last saw a Championship here.


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