Monday, January 01, 2007


For the third time this season, the Patriots will play the Jets. This's personal!

Actually, this time, it means one team's season is over, and the other's can continue.

This should be a really good game. Mangini has the Jets playing well. They beat us 17-14 in November (in Foxborough) and played us close in the Meadowlands in week 2 (24-17 win). Of course, in both games, the Patriots played terribly. Not to take anything away from the Jets, but they didn't beat the Patriots at their best. We turned the ball over, had really stupid and poorly timed penalties, and couldn't finish our drives. Now some of that is due to the Jets playing good football, but not all of it. The Patriots need to play great in order to win this game. Same goes for the Jets. There is little homefield advantage in this game, and both teams know each other. The Pats have a bit more experience in the playoffs, but that really only shows itself when things start going bad.

I think we can win this game. And I think we will win this game. But it won't be easy and it will be close. I'm thinking a 21-17 victory.

Of course, I'm assuming Rodney Harrison will play. And God knows if that will happen. And by God, I mean Bill Belichick.