Wednesday, September 07, 2005


The key to the success of the Red Sox on this homestand, at least as of late, has been the ability of our pitchers to keep the other team's bats from scoring any decent amount of runs. Looking at this team throughout the season, I kept saying to myself "if we get our pitching to perform as well as their capable of, we're gonna kick alot of ass."

Although the offense hasn't scored more than 7 runs since the 29th of August, we've been able to win every game since then except Monday's makeup against the White Sox.

This last time through the rotation, our starting pitchers were able to go 8 innings or more on 4 occasions. They've averaged just over 8 innings in those 5 starts.

Keith Foulke looked rpetty good in his return to the Red Sox. If he comes back and can pitch as well as he did last season, that will really help out the bullpen alot. Without him, the only real dependable guy out there is Timlin and he's been overworked this season already.