Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Apologies to New Balance, St. Louis Man Who Tweeted About Marathon Bombing Works for GROUP360 Worldwide

Bobby Metzinger, the jerk in St. Louis who tweeted jokes about the Boston Marathon Bombing, does not work for New Balance, as a now deleted post of mine had stated. Full apologies to New Balance for the misunderstanding. According to a LinkedIn page that Metzinger made about himself (and writes about himself in the 3rd person), he is the Social Media Manager for GROUP360 Worldwide.

Some of GROUP360's clients include Anheuser-Busch, Stop & Shop, Bass Pro Shops, Panera, Perdue, and Johnson & Johnson.

Stop & Shop, by the way, has its headquarters in Quincy, MA.

GROUP360 Worldwide has suspended Mr. Metzinger, according to their Twitter feed:

He's been suspended for these two tweets:

A suspension is fine by me. Although, the guy lists his title as "Social Media Manager" at GROUP360, and describes his job as "Managing social media communities for Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Marine. Internal social media management for Group360 WW." Then he makes a major social media blunder like this one, drawing all sorts of negative attention to himself and to his company (and to his former company), all just to make himself laugh.

That's who you want managing your social media, GROUP360? Good luck with that.