Thursday, July 07, 2005


With all the news coming out of London today, I didn't do any sports news reading today. I turn on the Red Sox game so I can take a little break from serious stuff and Alex Cora is in the midst of striking out. Then Bill Mueller comes up.

Tito has decided to rest Jason Varitek, Manny Ramirez, Johnny Damon, and Edgar Renteria all on the same night. Now, I know Baltimore is struggling. I know the Rangers were assholes and didn't give us a few extra hours to fly to Baltimore by scheduling an afternoon game, and I know they're all beaten and bruised. However, to rest $44 million worth of player including the team Captain, the leadoff hitter, and the team leader in RBI all on the same day is aboslutely ludicrous.

The situation is worsened by the lack of Jay Payton (couldn't we have hung onto him for an extra day?) who was designated for assignment and will either be traded or released in the enxt 10 days. The situation is worsened by the fact that Wells is pitching with his 4.92 ERA. The situation is worsened because we only have 1 or 2 consistent bullpen pitchers to throw the 3 or 4 innings that will be required after Wells goes 5 or 6. The situation is worsened because this is the 2nd place team in our division and we have an opportunity to knock them out of the divisional race, knock them out of getting anyone at the trade deadline.

The Red Sox got Alex Cora, which I think is a good move considering that Ramon Vazquez has contributed nothing. However, to bat him in the leadoff spot against a divisional contender in his first game with a new team might be a bit too much for a backup infielder to handle.

The Red Sox activated Adam Stern and decided that today was the perfect game to try him out.

Francona seems to be giving up on this game before it starts. Yet, he still hasn't put Youkilis in there!!! I hate this BS about playing guys that have "earned" their playing time simply by being around baseball for a longer time.

If the Red Sox win this game, I'll be surprised. I think this series, if it doesn't go well for us, will give the Orioles alot of momentum and positivity going into the All-Star break.


Monday's game was dissapointing to say the least. Hopefully Foulke's struggles are simply the product of a knee injury. Perhaps Boston Dirt Dogs was correct. Probably just a lucky guess on their part.

The Man of the Game Monday is Mark Teixeira. He went 2 for 3 with a double, 2 walks, 2 Runs and an RBI.

The Bitch-Goat shall be divided thusly:
Wade Miller: 0.1 - 6 IP, 3 R, 2 ER
Mike Timlin: 0.2 - 0.2 IP, ER
Keith Foulke: 0.7 - 0.1 IP, 2 ER

Tuesday was slightly nicer. Timlin got his 2nd save of the season as Foulke was a few hundred miles away from the mound, where he belongs until he rights himself.

The Man of the Game is a somewhat non-traditional choice for this game. I'm going to go with Ron Mehe. I know Wake had 8 innings, but he struggled in those last few and had some pretty loud outs. I know Manny moved into 2nd place all-time with his 20th Grand Slam, but it was his only hit of the game. Mehe came in after Chirs Young struggled mightily. The Red Sox were rallying in the 3rd when Mehe came in. He struck out Olerud and Mirabelli. He went 3.2 innings allowing 1 hit, no walks, and striking out 5. Had the Rangers been able to rally, he would have been the prime reason for their success.

The Man of the Game for Wednesday's 7-4 victory is Matt Clement who got 26 outs going 8.2 innings, scattering 9 hits and striking out 9.

It looks like until Schilling gets back, the Red Sox will be sharing the closing role. Timlin has closed in the past and Francona was perfectly willing to use Embree last night. Myers could go against some lefthanders. Hell, Clement won't be starting until after the All-Star game so maybe he could close late in the Baltimore series.