Sunday, December 14, 2008


Call the Bruins General Sherman because they destroyed Atlanta this weekend. What? Too soon?

The 4-2 score in Saturday night's game doesn't attest to how dominant the Bruins were. For one stretch in the 2nd, the B's had the puck in Atlanta's end for 2 solid minutes. The Thrashers had to ice the puck three straight times before they could work it out of their zone in the traditional way.

Atlanta's Johan "All Together" Hedberg kept the game from being an absolute slaughter. Without some huge saves, the Bruins would have been up 6-1 after 2 periods instead of just 3-1.

Der Kessel is German for "the boiler." Actually, it's primary translation is kettle, then bowl. But Heizkessel specifically means boiler. I'm not sure if Phil Kessel is of German descent, but he is boiling hot. He had a power play goal and a power play assist. That's 15 games with a point, which is the longest streak in the NHL this season.

Aaron Ward didn't play with an ankle injury, Bergeron was scratched with the flu.

A bit of bad news came out regarding Marco Sturm. He was placed on the long-term injured reserve list, which is kind of like baseball's 60 day DL, only much shorter. The move is retroactive to November 17th. Players on LTIR are not eligible to return until the team has played 10 games and it's been 24 days since the injury. Moving him also clears up cap space. But the Bruins wouldn't place him on the list unless they expected Sturm to be out for a few more weeks.

The B's host Toronto Thursday night. The Bruins are 2-1-0 against the Maple Leafs this season, but they were also the last visiting team to win in The Garden.

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